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Going to church would help children

I've been thinking about the  safety of children in schools. Some folks think significant gun control would solve the problem. Some thoughts:

To properly address safety of children in school while reducing crime and violence, we need to address a basic problem in this country - the breakdown of the traditional family unit and the values of parents.

Many parents today are too self-centered to provide children with proper upbringing.

Children should be taught self-respect; respect for others, responsibility, authority; the need for education, the necessity and usefulness of a good work ethic; love of themselves, their family, neighbors and schoolmates; and, most importantly, the source of those gifts - the love of God.

Parents should take a lead role in teaching proper values to their children. Proper community support from neighbors, schools and churches is important. It takes a village to raise a child. It starts with the parents that caused the child to be born.

Children need to learn that going to Sunday school and church on Sunday morning is positive. Parents need to take their children. We all need a good, God-centered, Bible-centered church, and to learn the Biblical teachings of love, morality, work ethic, family life and responsibility.

This will help all of us as we continue to the eventuality we all face.

The greatest commandment is, "Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, soul, mind and strength and love your neighbor as yourself." Makes sense to me.

It takes a husband and wife who love each other and demonstrate proper values to best raise children and pass on those values. This also gives children the benefits of knowing the positive difference between men and women and the proper respect for each.

There are some single parents who do a good job, but too many do not. Too many men have set aside their responsibilities with children. Too many men are just interested in making babies and are not concerned with their proper raising.

Too many people are not taught by their parents to have the values needed to be useful, productive, responsible citizens. We expect the schools and the courts to solve the problems. It is often too late.

Proper upbringing of children, beginning with the parents with proper support from the neighborhood, schools and other environmental influences, would certainly result in less violence and crime.

Charles D. Raines

South Charleston


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