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The U.S. has gone off the morality cliff

There has been a lot of talk from the media and Washington about the fiscal cliff. To many, if we do go over this cliff, it becomes an immediate disaster to our economy, thus the label "cliff.

To view this is as the major problem is like placing a Band-Aid on a person who really needs open-heart surgery. To keep the money flowing and not address the cause of the problem is simply to enable others to continue living in the problem.

Therefore we will still have the same problem after the money dries up again.

I'm not talking about the Democratic plan verses the Republican plan here. I'm talking about another cliff that we have already gone over and ignore it as if it does not matter.

The moral decay of our society is our real problem that must be addressed.

Fix the money flow and you will still have a drug problem, teenage pregnancy, greed, mass school shootings, murders, rapes, child abuse and many other sins that our society claims it wants to get rid of, but remains unwilling to address.

We have moved from a tolerance of "a little violence in a movie does not hurt anyone" to an obsession with violence in everything. The top-selling games and videos involve rape, murder and shootings.

Keep the money flowing and you will only enable more of the same.

Suicide is the third leading cause of death for 10- to 24-year-olds in the richest nation that has ever existed. Good money flow will not stop teen suicide. It will, however, enable teens to enact misplaced desires to become a movie or rock star and even follow the star in suicide.

This nation has a moral problem. The only fix is to turn to God and His commandments.

Jim Hale


Hale is director of communications for the Christian Resource Center in Beckley.



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