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Massacre control includes mental health

The restriction of guns in any form is not the answer to a situation like what occurred in Connecticut and occurs in other parts of the United States in different degrees.

There is one area not mentioned in a constructive manner, and that is identifying the types of individuals who may be a threat to our society by a medical board that would consist of four procedures mandated by state and federal authorities. These are:

  • Reporting by parents, guardians and other persons of individuals who may be of concern. If they are not a problem, then they are to be released.
  • Interviewing by medical persons of individuals who may show signs of mental instability. Move to the next level.
  • Identification by medical persons of habits displayed by individuals, and identified as having a mental problem, that may be of a serious nature and may be harmful to the public at large.
  • Correction procedures that may show a level of danger that may require such individuals to be confined to a medical facility for treatment as needed to identify specific problems that may be harmful to others.

The above procedures would include such individuals being released from our prisons.

All of the above would be under the control of state and federal medical authorities.

Donald Young

New Haven



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