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Empower parents to improve schools

Concerning the article entitled "school pilot project pitched" by Dave Boucher in the Jan. 15 Daily Mail, the Parent Empowerment and Choice Act is the best solution available to citizens wanting their children to receive a reasonable education in West Virginia.

Introduced on Feb. 8, 2011, it has been in committee since.

The Democratic Legislature will keep it in committee forever.

The newly elected delegates want to do something about education. The media has the power to make the Legislature take it out of committee. They also have the paper and pen to support it.

Unfortunately, the media and the Democratic legislature have chosen to blame everything on the kids and their parents. In some cases it's true, but, not in most.

If the quality of education were rewarding, you couldn't keep the kids away. The brain of the young is like a sponge. They want to learn. They are eager to learn about everything.

The same children people believe are incapable of learning or do not want to learn can learn the most sophisticated computer game in a day. Most adults can't.

Unfortunately, the educational system is politically correct and so dysfunctional it can't pass even a common-sense test.

Citizens can make change happen, but they will have to get involved. Call your senator or delegate and tell them you want the bill passed.

Jim Hinebaugh



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