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Politicians shouldn’t emphasize budgeting?

A recent letter-writer spoke of the need for the government to borrow more and the GOP/tea party's so-called impasse with regard to the fiscal cliff.

Look at the facts:

It took this country from inception all the way to Clinton's second term to reach a deficit of $7 trillion. While Clinton did manage to get it back just under $6 trillion before leaving, George W. Bush ran the deficit back up to $9 trillion over the next eight years.

Then along came Obama, who took us from $10 trillion to over $16 trillion in less than four years.

And the main danger is for politicians to overemphasize balancing the budget?

No, the main danger is for this administration to continue to borrow and spend at a rate that simply cannot be maintained.

Medicare eligibility needs to be adjusted to 70 years old over five years without changing existing recipients' benefits.

Fifty years ago, Social Security had eight people paying into it for every one receiving it. It is now two for every one. That has to change as well or it will not be sustainable.

There are generations of families getting Social Security Disability when they simply shouldn't qualify.

The answer is fiscal responsibility - generating a budget for once and staying within the country's means instead of unchecked spending and borrowing.

It's ironic to me that the GOP wants to do exactly this but some people just balk and complain that they're trying to block everything Obama wants to do.

I've never worried about Washington too much because of the designed inherent checks and balances that are the result of a two-party system of democracy.

However, we've never had a president who believes that through executive orders and calling out anyone who might disagree with his agenda that he can rule as a tyrannical king.

He swore to uphold and protect our Constitution but continually tries to tell us that it is open to interpretation or that times have changed and thus we should as well.

Our forefathers wrote and framed our Constitution to protect us from someone just exactly like Obama.

Kent Bates




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