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Parents, help children learn what to say

Parents please, as a child-care provider, give your preschool child one more thing.

You provide their daily bread and a safe shelter because you care.

Ah, the clothing. Boys sporting superhero shirts to help them transform at play time. Little girls in sparkles and bows look so cute.

You buy shoes with lights, the latest DVDs, while stopping for fast food and attending children's birthday parties.

But have you given them their voices?

Please give those words, and ask them to use them when spoken to.

We so often speak for them. We forget to help them talk when we're not with them.

We tell them to say they are sorry, but what about asking them what they should say?

Help them to think things through. They will know what to say. Give them time, but don't speak for them.

When greeting children in my center, how nice it is to hear a greeting returned from the child. When a question is asked, it is good to hear words and not to see a bobble-head doll.

Now is the time to teach manners and have them start answering with words. Vocabulary and confidence in the child grows and communication is clearer.

So please give your child one more thing of great value.

Barbara Smith



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