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James Broder and Charles Lane unfairly bashed the plug-in Tesla car

Charles Lane's Washington Post column, "Obama's electric-car vision was a fantasy," in the Feb. 14 Daily Mail, was premature celebration for fossil fuel die-hards.

New York Times Public Editor Margaret Sullivan has since disparaged the Tesla story by James Broder, citing improper decisions and sloppy note taking on Broder's part after Broder's piece on his test drive was published

The same Washington, D.C.-Boston drive was managed successfully by CNN Money's Valdes-Dapena, who took care to fully charge the Tesla he was driving.

Named 2013 "Car of the Year" by Motor Trend, which described it as, "at its core . . . simply a damned good car you happen to plug in to refuel."

The Tesla, like other electric cars, is more efficient than gasoline-powered cars even when powered by electricity from coal-fired power plants.

Since the "electron fire hoses" (full charge in 30 minutes) of the SuperCharging stations Tesla's Elon Musk hopes to promote get their electrons in part from charge station solar roof panels, Lane's comments were particularly off base.  

Genuine fantasy lies behind Lane's implicit denial of the climate crisis.   

In fact, we need carbon-reducers like electric cars, and thanks to the ingenuity of entrepreneurs like Musk, what is necessary can also be a joy.

Regan Quinn



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