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A 1-mile bike path costs $2 million?

Does Charleston need a one-mile bike path? A one-mile bike lane costing almost $2 million is truly idiotic.

How many people want to ride a bike one or two miles? And how many want to ride the same mile every day?

Not many.

Why not pave the entire inner walkway and put a stripe down the middle like a roadway. Too many walkers walk in the middle of the path with their headphones on, thinking the walkway is entirely theirs.

How about banning headphones on the walkway? I have nothing against walkers, but they should share the pathway.

What about the speed-killing bottleneck at the start of Haddad Park and the Southside Bridge? Are they going to take part of the Boulevard for the bikes?

Hard-charging riders will never use the bike path anyway. They always use the Boulevard. The Boulevard is fine just like it is, although it could use a little better upkeep.

The train trestle will never be a reality. Why not tear out the part that crosses the Boulevard. Take away that little bottleneck and leave the rest to rust away.

Take a note from the bike lane from St. Albans to South Charleston. Do you see many people riding it?

Let's quit trying to be politically correct. You can't give everybody everything.

Has anyone complained that they need a bike lane from Patrick Street to Magic Island?

Leave the Boulevard alone. It's been the same for a lot of years and no one has complained.

If you do anything to the Boulevard, let the voters decide. After all, they will be the ones that will be inconvenienced.

The curb on the Boulevard was put there for a reason. Take it away for one mile and you have a real possibly of cars ending up in the river.

Joseph P. Fisher



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