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Empower parents to reform schools

The proposed "Parent Empowerment and Choice Act" creates several options for parents to petition a school district to convert a school into three possible models of reform.

They include creating a universal educational voucher program that would allow any student attending a petitioned school to receive an annual scholarship to attend any private or public school.

The current government education monopoly is successful only in serving the interests of bureaucrats and teachers unions.

The ability to adequately educate children or young adults has spiraled downward and is out of control.

The state's educational program dictates policy, curriculum, school choice, menus, standards etc. It has a history not of success, but of failure.

The time for excuses and false promises is over. The time for change is now.

House Bill 3051 will provide a means to begin "improving" our educational system.

It's our money, our kids, and our schools. Why not our choice?

From Article 12 of the West Virginia constitution - Creation of independent free school districts:

"No independent free school district, or organization shall hereafter be created, except with the consent of

the school district or districts out of which the same is to be created, expressed by a majority of the voters voting on the question."

All things are possible.

Jim Hinebaugh


Hinebaugh is coordinator for the Grant County Patriots Tea Party.



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