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Isn't it time for West Virginia to honor Confederate soldiers, too?

Please join me and send Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin a letter requesting that he proclaim June 22 Confederate Veterans Day. This is the 150th anniversary of West Virginia being a state, and we were formed during the War Between the States.

It is time to honor these men.

I know not everyone will agree because anything Confederate is linked with slavery.

When I was in the State Police Academy, I had an instructor whose favorite word was "reasonable."

Is it reasonable to believe that of the hundreds of thousands of men who fought and died for the Confederacy, all were fighting to preserve slavery?

The greatest percentage were like my Confederate ancestors, poor farmers who left their homes and families to protect them from the Northern invaders.

These men left to fight for their native Virginia, but returned as West Virginians. They forgot their differences and worked to make West Virginia and the United States what it is today.

They were not criminals or traitors and should not be treated as such. They were not considered as such when they fought the British in the Revolutionary War.

Union soldiers and their ancestors are entitled to medals for their service. The Confederate soldier got nothing. Everyone else can be proud of their ancestors and even get a whole month to celebrate them, whether it offends anyone or not.

I am asking everyone to forget their differences and give one day to honor the Confederate veteran.

I know some blacks and whites will have a problem with this, but if they look back far enough, they may have Confederate ancestors also. And even if they don't, why deny me the right to honor mine?

Please send a letter to the governor asking him to consider this.

Jim Meddings

St. Albans

Meddings is adjutant treasurer for the Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp Captain P.J. Thurmond 2190.



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