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Seatbelt law change expands government

With every tax, fee, law or regulation, the government gets stronger and the people get weaker.

This is precisely what is taking place in changing the seat belt law from a secondary offense to a primary offense.

According to state Sen. Corey Palumbo, making the non-use of a seat belt a primary offense could save up to 14 lives a year. The key word is "could."

There may be no lives saved, but actually have the opposite effect in taking a life or lives.

Ever notice there's never a news report saying a person was killed in an accident and the cause of death was a seat belt?

With all the problems this state faces, I'm outraged the Legislature ignores or trivializes important things like illegal drug usage, drug-related crime, education, falling tax revenue, etc., and concentrates on seat belt usage - something that is not a real problem.

When a person pays for something, it belongs to him and he has the right to use it without unreasonable restrictions.

How do judges rule the use of a highway, paid for by drivers, constitutes a privilege and the state can force motorists to use a seat  belt while on the highway?

It's my right (not a privilege) not to use a seat belt. I paid for the highway.

Big men concentrate on big problems. Little men concentrate on little problems.

Remember this during the next election.

Dale Jones



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