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This president just serves his own ends

We now have a president who disparages the persona and the motives of anyone who disagrees with him. He uses his office not to lead, but to demonize those he perceives as his enemies.

He did not create big government in America, but when faced with the need to reduce by 3 percent - can't almost anyone cut 3 percent? - instead of searching for a sensible way to live with that, he parades out his cabinet.

It provides "warnings" that if we don't get what we want, we'll turn your own government against you -  use our office to ensure that you feel harmed, by ensuring the cuts most immediately impact areas that will inconvenience you, the public we serve.

Our president is willing to create a crisis to get his way, and willing to bully those he perceives to be his enemies - fellow members of his own U.S. government.

He insults the intelligence of his public, and to my amazement, few in the major press call him out for doing this.

Instead, our compliant major press merely repeats his threats as "news." 

This president serves his own ambitions and ego. His motive is not to serve the best interests of the United States.

He has levered up his campaign machine post-inaugural, even though he has no new election coming up.

As President Obama's second-term approaches its end in 2016, watch carefully for an "emergency" that would "require" him to "temporarily" suspend our civil liberties, and justify his taking over our own government 'for our own protection'.

Mark Prince



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