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Should straight-A students share A's?

Answer these questions about "fairness" with a simple Yes or No, but give some thought for each answer:

Do the rich have a moral obligation to pay higher taxes? Explain your reasoning.

Do straight-A students have a moral obligation to give their points (grades) to less successful students? How would the parents of the A students react?

Do pro-basketball players have a moral obligation to allow the other team to score more points to make the game more interesting (more fair)? Would you be willing to allow your favorite team to lose the championship to help another franchise?

There is much talk about the rich avoiding their tax obligation. What obligation? They already pay the largest portion of taxes. While we envision the rich (those making $250,000 or more) as fat-cat bankers, most are small businessmen like the guy who owns the local restaurant. By all means, stick it to him till he has to lay off workers saving money for college. I doubt Congress has included themselves in the 2 percent.

The usual sound bite is "we are going to make the rich to pay more out of fairness."  How about, "we are going to make the best students give up their grades" or "isn't it time for the NBA to make basketball fair for all teams?" This sounds ridiculous because it is ridiculous.

You cannot stick it to the rich, the straight-A students or the best basketball team to make things fair. When offered more revenue (more money for the government) Obama said no. He is willing to give up additional money to attack the rich.

The government is consumed with entitlement spending. Expecting those who make $250,000 or more to foot the bill for government will help for 10 days at the rate they spend money. Turning the middle class against everyone else is anxiety relief not fiscal policy.

The president has not offered a single reduction in entitlements, only more debt with an astronomical amount yet to come. Hung up on raising taxes instead of tax revenues, he still fails to understand basic economics. Since his election we still have no plan, no budget, and no jobs. American cannot sustain more debt without hurting the middle class.

Soon, the government will expect those making $100,000 to pay for entitlements and when that money is exhausted, they will finally hit the middle class, out of fairness.

While politicians complain about the rich not paying their fair share, they don't mention illegal immigrants, who work for cash. Millions of U.S. dollars leave our country every week with no taxes paid.   

The end result of every government that has attacked members of its society in an attempt to improve that society has been the end of that nation. Reckless spending and excessive taxation always creates poverty, not jobs.

If there were no rich people to stick it to, who would the government attack since they have no real plan and would still need a scapegoat? History has proven that eventually it will be the middle class.

Patrick Fenimore

St. Albans


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