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Woodland Cemetery needs cleanup help

Once again we are about to hire the annual spring cleanup of the Woodland Cemetery in Cedar Grove. At present, we have a contract for weed eating and brush removal that usually occurs three or four times each season, depending on the weather, at $600 each time.

There are at least seven downed trees to be sawed up and hauled away. The cost to take care of them all at one time is prohibitive. We plan to have them removed one or two at a time as funds become available.

Also, at least three or more headstones are either down or loose from their bases. Please, if you can, have someone check and make repairs.

We thank you for your help in the past and are counting on you again this year. If you feel you can make a donation, please mail it to: The Woodland Cemetery, P.O. Box 436, Cedar Grove, WV  25039. May God bless.

We are so sorry to report that our volunteer superintendent, Scott McGraw, died on Jan. 12. He had so much enthusiasm for improving the cemetery and devoted many volunteer hours to it. He is, and will be, sorely missed.

Peggy Coleman

Cedar Grove

Coleman is a volunteer secretary-treasurer for the Woodland Cemetery.


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