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Manchin stood up to the gun industry

I am proud of Sen. Joe Manchin for standing up to the National Rifle Association and for common-sense gun reform in the form of background checks for all gun sales.

I have not always agreed with Manchin and have found it hard to vote for him in the past, but have a lot of respect for him and what he has attempted to do on this issue.

It's too bad that 90 percent of Republican senators and four weak-kneed Democrat senators were able to block the bipartisan background check bill he and Sen. Toomey proposed.

My late father, who died two months before his 91st birthday, was a life member of the NRA, but cancelled his membership more than 10 years before his death when he saw the NRA was a pawn for gun and ammo manufacturers and a lobbyist for the Republican Party.

Now we know which of our U.S. senators are controlled by the big-moneyed gun and ammunition manufacturers after they blocked the Manchin-Toomey bill.

My family has lived, farmed and hunted on the same land long before West Virginia became a state, and we know that Manchin's bill, like 92 percent of the American people believe, would not have taken away our right to hunt, to protect our homes, our property and our family.

I am also a grandmother of four beautiful little children, two of whom will start kindergarten in the fall. Their safety and ours should deserve equal priority as our Second Amendment rights.

I also hope this 92 percent will not forget about the senseless gun violence, and remember to vote to get rid of politicians who think money is more important than the people they are supposed to represent. I won't forget.

Lela Goff



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