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Not fracking is what we should fear

People fear what they don't understand. Misinformation like Charlotte Pritt's article in the April 14 Sunday Gazette-Mail doesn't help.

I have heard all of the "facts" it contained many times before, and they have been refuted.

Like many misinformed people, the author calls everything associated with an oil and gas well "fracking." That is like calling a coal truck driver a coal miner.

Pritt probably doesn't know that almost every oil and gas well on land in the United States requires fracking in order to produce. We have been fracking since 1947. It is old.

Without fracking we have no domestic natural gas and oil industry and the jobs that go with it. Maybe most important, we would be just like France, depending on Russia for our energy at their prices.

Marcellus wells are typically over a mile and a half deep. Water doesn't run uphill.

We can't frack into groundwater. There are also four or five cemented steel pipes to protect the groundwater compared to one non-cemented pipe in a home water well.

The unregulated home-water well is far more dangerous to our groundwater.

Wind and solar power?

They are four times as expensive as natural gas, and the sun doesn't always shine and the wind doesn't always blow. We also need the petrochemicals from natural gas and oil for things like plastics and cosmetics.

Mountaineers will always stay free if we are not misled by fear, half-truths and bad science about energy.

Greg Kozera


Kozera, a professional engineer with a master's in environmental engineering, is the author of three books and numerous technical papers and articles. He has over 35 years of experience in the natural gas and oil industry.



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