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‘Abortion industry’ was used to inflame

Recent comments made by Jeremy Dys of the Family Policy Council of West Virginia seem directed at eventual cancellation of comprehensive women's health services.

I believe Dys used the term "abortion industry" to inflame and frighten the public. I cannot comprehend how Dys or anyone can call the incredibly difficult decision a woman must make when considering abortion part of any such thing as an "abortion industry." What is that anyway?

It is well known that women have unique health care needs. Many women obtain these needs via clinic settings that focus on women's care. These clinics are part of the health care industry, yes, but not an "abortion industry."

If these women's health services were motivated by profit, these services would be more readily available to women around West Virginia.

Why don't we work toward appropriate health care for the state and nation, rather than pass judgment via mean conversations and perhaps eventual legislation against women seeking care for a particular concern?

After thoughtful and informative consultation related to pregnancy options, the decision to have an abortion must remain with the woman and her licensed health-care provider. There is no "abortion industry."

Leslie J. Bakker


Bakker recently retired from teaching nursing for 30 years. She worked full time in nursing for 45 years.


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