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Time has come to say enough is enough

Going, going, almost, but not quite - gone.

Yet, the United States of America still stands - held together by the core values our forefathers put in place when they penned the U.S. Constitution, and the glue is the Judeo-Christian Principles, which have been the foundation of this blessed document for 237 years.

Men on both sides of the aisle have sought to destroy it, one freedom at a time, by furthering their own agendas. They did not foresee the American spirit rising up and saying, "Enough is enough."

Many in leadership positions have forgotten they are elected by the people and are supposed to work on our behalf, as we pay their salaries, and we can "un-elect." Their arrogance is readily seen as they've seemingly embedded themselves in their positions, and have exempted themselves from the very rules they inflict upon us.

Self-importance has clouded their judgment, when it comes to doing what's right for the American people, and it has caused an awakening to sweep across this nation.

 They should not get too comfortable in their chairs, because we the people have paid for those chairs with our hard-earned monies, and we want them back.

With God's help America is going to turn around, the Judeo-Christian Principles will be reinstituted as the foundation of our Constitution, and that's the rule of law that will be followed.

Nancy L. Bradley




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