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More gun control would prevent tragedy

The Daily Mail responded to yet another mass shooting involving firearms in a Sept. 18 editorial, "A national tragedy needs a calm response," by blaming everything but America's lax firearms laws for the tragic murder of a dozen people in our nation's capitol.  

Lacking logic and clear thinking, the Daily Mail suggests the Navy should be blamed for giving the killer an honorable, instead of a general, discharge.

A general discharge may have decreased Aaron Alexis' chances of keeping his security clearance, but it would not have prevented him from lawfully purchasing a firearm and committing mass murder.

Perhaps a general discharge would have denied his entrance to a secure military facility, but it would not have prevented him entering a mall or a classroom.

Rather than calmly assessing a serious issue confronting America, i.e., gun control, the Daily Mail seems more interested in rolling out thoughtless sound bites of the pro-gun lobby and quashing a thoughtful debate.

Christian M. Capece



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