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Edgewood school is a boondoggle

It was a cynical and hypocritical public relations move when the Kanawha school board president railed against the school levy, as if such a spendthrift abuser of taxpayers was a model of fiscal restraint.

Despite facing deficits, our blindly wasteful school board is completing construction of the bloated boondoggle that is the $22 million Edgewood Elementary.

When land can be had at a song on any blighted block on the West Side flats, the board instead flushed away millions to build a single school at a mountain site so absurdly remote that it required blasting, mountaintop removal, a valley fill, and miles and miles of new water andelectric lines.

Astoundingly, the site is so remote that $6 million of those taxpayer dollars (of the $12 million total that county taxpayers are paying) were flushed away just to build the quarter-mile road across the wilderness and prepare the site.

How true Mark Twain's adage is: "God made the Idiot for practice, and then He made the School Board." If these multi-million dollar boondogglers aren't tossed out in the next election by the citizens it betrayed, then Twain's observation about idiots is true of county voters as well.

Walton C. Shepherd



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