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Your vents, Monday, Sept. 10

  • To the caller who is paranoid about what Barack Obama is doing behind closed doors: I would suggest that as the president of the United States, about the only time he is by himself behind closed doors is when he is in the bathroom.

  • I would like to recognize Bob Anderson, Mayor Frank Mullens and the city of South Charleston for continuing the Funeral Parade. It is a great event, something the community has always cherished and an event that needs to continue.
  • If you are willing to enjoy less freedom to make your own decisions, have a weaker economy and have fewer opportunities and diminished prosperity in exchange for more government domination of American life, by all means re-elect President Obama.
  • Chuck McGill's math doesn't make sense about the number of people at the Huntington stadium.
  • I was just reading about people complaining about the quality of the garbage bags the city supplies to us. I have news for them. Go out and BUY your own if you don't like them. I'm very grateful for them.
  • I'm a 14-year-old girl, and my mom left for work at 6:30 a.m. because she had so much to do. My dad left at 7 a.m. While I'm getting ready for school, I'm also supposed to get my 10-year-old brother ready, too, but he won't mind me. I sure wish my mother were home.
  • Please, somebody speak for the middle class and the blue-collar worker. Not all West Virginia residents favor Romney.  
  • If any single woman in the United States of America believes that Mrs. Romney knows your plight, you are insane. She had nannies, maids and lots of help. Get a grip, people. She had money.
  • OK, it is OK for Clint Eastwood to be behind Romney, but because George Clooney is for Obama, he is trash. I'm confused. Such hypocrites. Get a grip.
  • On the first page of the Daily Mail were pictures of Romney, Raese and Maloney, three rich guys who use their money to persuade dumb hillbillies to vote against their own best interests. I'm always stumped by how anyone who works for a living could vote for Republicans.
  • All of Obama's promises were sent to Congress. The Republicans have an agreement to make him a one-term president, and I mean 100 percent of them. It is affecting all of us in this country. You'd better keep up and see who is really keeping us down.
  • My husband and I saw the Obama movie. We knew about some of the facts but not all of them. Everyone needs to go see this movie. It is frightening to even think of Obama getting in for another four years.  
  • Which is most important between jobs, education, health care and the sanctity of life? Which candidate is for the sanctity of life? It's Mitt Romney. I think the case is closed. Without the sanctity of life, the others don't mean a thing.
  • I want to give a simple, heartfelt thank you to Grover Brown and all of the other veterans of the United States of America. Thank you!
  • Juan Williams said that Clint Eastwood's appearance was degrading to the president. Obama has degraded us each time he opens his mouth.  

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