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Your vents, Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2012

  • I think Oliver Luck is a coward for not wanting to play Marshall each year. I think they should play every year and also that they should play in Huntington every year.  

  • I love our state troopers. I hope and pray that God blesses each of you on your job, and I hope you read this.
  • Thank you for the walk down memory lane in regards to the Regatta. I used to plan my summer around it. My relatives used to come in every year just for this event. That was the good old days when they knew how to plan, make money and have fun for all. I'm sorry it's gone.
  • Everyone should give thanks to Duke Bloom. When a county has a bad prosecutor, it is necessary to have a good judge. We are indeed fortunate.
  • Why aren't Capital High freshman cheerleaders allowed to cheer with the team?
  • I know how you newspaper folks hate to be told that you've made a mistake, but the elk is not the largest member of the deer family.  It is the moose.
  • Marshall, do you really want to continue this series?
  • The Mountaineer football team is in real trouble in the Big 12. If they let a team like Marshall University put 30 points on their defense, they are going to have serious problems playing teams like Texas, Oklahoma and the likes of the other teams in the Big 12.  
  • So some of our super delegates didn't go to the Democratic National Convention. Good for them. They are real West Virginians, unlike this galvanized Democrat from New York, Mr. Rockefeller.
  • Yes sir, Marshall, the Mountaineers own you. This was your last shot.  
  • That movie "Forrest Gump" is going to make history someday on account of a lot of sick people.
  • Our boys over in those other countries need to be brought home.
  • That college student from Georgetown who spoke before Congress about contraceptives is disgusting going all over the country hanging onto Obama's coattails.
  • Why wasn't the flag at Belle Elementary flown at half staff as ordered by the governor in honor of the slain state troopers?
  • I don't know who is responsible for the cable guide for Suddenlink, but they need to check it out. They list things that aren't even on.  
  • The chant at the WVU game on Saturday was disgusting.  
  • You should go see the movie "2016, Obama's America" before casting your vote. You'll see exactly where America is headed.
  • Under Obama's presidency, Johnny Paycheck has had to change his name to Johnny Foodstamp!


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