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Your vents, Wednesday, Sept. 12

  • Veteran's groups wouldn't endorse Romney if they knew that for the last five generations, not a single Romney has served in the military.

  • Why aren't you covering Steve Harvey from Welch? He has a new television talk show on Tuesdays at 10 a.m. on Channel 8. He deserves some recognition.
  • Shame on the ethics committee. The stimulus money was to get people jobs, not just for one family in the Charleston area.
  • After reading about O'Hanlon, Charlie King, Alfred Ferguson, Warren McGraw and Judge Hey, I'm convinced that all of our crooked politicians are not in Logan County.
  • People on welfare don't get a free pass. I'm disabled. You should try to live on $16 a month from food stamps. I feel sorry for those who have kids. If Romney gets elected, we will all be standing in a bread line.  
  • God said to do unto others as you would have others do unto you. Remember that.
  • The national average price of gas is $3.80 a gallon. In West Virginia, it was $3.99 on Sept. 2. Another good reason to leave.
  • Isn't it awful to work with people for years and then they pass you in a restaurant like they don't even know who you are?  
  • West Virginia really thanks those out-of-state law enforcement officers for the jobs they do and for coming here to support the families of our lost officers. This is from the bottom of our hearts.
  • I see that there is another water main break in the Cross Lanes area. The water pressure here is much too high.  It is about 140 pounds per square inch and should be no higher than 60 pounds per square inch. I wish someone would take care of this.
  • Where can I purchase an American-made flag?
  • Democrats have controlled the state for 70 years, and their high corporate taxes and policies have sent our jobs overseas. Let's make a change in November.
  • The West Side needs to be cleaned up. The law should get on people who throw trash all over the street. It is going to get worse and worse if they don't.
  • Our country will fall apart some day because of hate and greed.
  • President Obama's policies and his philosophy would end forever the working poor minorities' hopes of ever fulfilling the American dream and becoming prosperous.
  • Assuming you are not a coal company executive, can you name one thing that Shelley Moore Capito has done for you or your family in the past 12 years?
  • The state Attorney General's Office says that under current laws, there is absolutely nothing they can do about gasoline prices and price fixing. Why haven't they lobbied the Legislature to correct this deficiency? We the people are unfairly paying higher gas prices and higher food and other costs as a result.
  • To the person complaining about smoking in the small bars all around, why don't you give up your bad habit of drinking?
  • To the Constellium workers at the Ravenswood plant, if you want free insurance, vote for Obama.
  • Hey TTF, we could really use a Bed, Bath and Beyond store up in Southridge. Think about it. We have a lot of shops but nothing like that.
  • To the lady who wants something besides a black lining in your purse, I know it is hard to find things. But if the lining were white, it wouldn't take long for it to get dirty, so I guess we'll just have to stick with black liners.

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