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Your vents, Friday, Sept. 14

  • I've been a Democrat for 41 years, but if Barack Obama gets re-elected as president, I will be switching to Republican the day after the election.

  • Doonesbury should be on the editorial page of the Gazette and not even in the Daily Mail.
  • Shouldn't kids on school buses be seated and wearing seat belts? It seems that would keep them safer.
  • I've been before Judge Watkins, and he treated me civilly, but it wasn't a big issue. He needs to start treating people as human beings. These lawyers and judges just put children in a tiger's mouth.
  • What right do Republicans have to complain about the jobs report when they voted against Obama's jobs bill? Isn't this just their sneaky way of making him a one-term president?
  • To the person complaining about individuals going on strike: That is the great thing about the United States of America. We have the right to be heard and the right to negotiate.
  • It is funny that politicians can raise money to run a campaign but not to fund the completion of U.S. 35.
  • Dave Hardy of the Kanawha County Commission seems to have a personal vendetta against the Chesapeake Fire Department. Kent Carper has already stated that the fire department owes no taxes and is clean of the state audit. Come on, Mr. Hardy. Quit wasting hard-earned taxpayer money.
  • I watch Fox News to get all of the news, not just half of it. One side of the news is only half of the story.
  • Family Court Judge William Watkins should be forced to take anger management classes.
  • Many thanks to the ER staff and Dr. Crigger at Thomas Hospital. Their recent prompt action was so greatly appreciated.
  • To be a good liberal, you have to be against capital punishment but support abortion on demand.
  • After voting Republican all of my life, I was finally changed to a Democrat. The Republican Party is intentionally trying everything it can to hurt women, hurt the middle class, hurt the poor people and help the rich people.
  • The West Virginia secretary of state will never get voter identification. That way, the Democrats will always win in West Virginia.
  • I want to run away from it all. But there is nowhere to go. It is crazy all over the place.
  • Be an organ donor - give your heart to Jesus.
  • I still think Clinton was one of the best presidents we've ever had.
  • When is the new mayor of Nitro going to clean up the city? Promises are all we get.
  • It is hard to figure which Republican candidate is the most deceiving. Romney flip-flops and Ryan just simply lies. I'm 72 years old and have learned through the years to watch those fast talkers.

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