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Your Vents, Monday, Sept. 17

* The Charleston city trash bags aren't really free because we pay for them. Don't give out any extra ones because they are just given away to people who don't live in Charleston.

* I ask you dear God in Jesus' name to please bring the meth dealers up Wolf Pen and on the side roads to justice. They are destroying so many young lives and using their daughters to bring in young peddlers for them.  

* They keep fixing up the riverfront but won't pave Washington Street. It is a waste.

* The Republicans and Democrats in Congress cannot by law bring our country to bankruptcy. It is their responsibility to fund our national budget. You cannot just cut your expenses to balance a budget, but you must also pay down our debt through taxes.

* We need to get Bill Clinton back in office. Remember how good gas and food prices were? We had a surplus of money. Everything was good back then.

* No matter how many tax cuts you give the top 1 percent, no one, repeat, absolutely no one, can or should force them to create more jobs. I say in order to encourage them to create jobs, have the jobs created first and then allow them tax breaks for job creation. No jobs, no tax cuts for you! That indeed is the American way.

* Eastwood is 82 years old. His voice is frail and it takes him time to collect his thoughts. Personally, I think it was funny. Clint and I are in agreement. Obama needs to be gone. He made my day.

* On Labor Day, a Daily Mail editorial stated President Obama implied that big government built things. That is false. He implied that nobody builds anything by themselves - taxpayers of this country provide a lot of services that they use. Quit twisting his words.

* Clint Eastwood made off-color sexual-based remarks about the president at the Republican National Convention. I was surprised to hear delegates cheer these crude remarks. How can the Republican Party claim to be Bible-based moral Americans and laugh at trash talk? Maybe party officials just use the good intentions of Christians for political gain.

* Can you believe the dishonesty of Mitt Romney? He said President Obama isn't qualified to be president because he hasn't worked in the private sector. Romney picked Paul Ryan to be a heartbeat from the presidency. Ryan has worked in government his entire professional career.

* For Hoppy Kercheval: I think that if Clint Eastwood had spoken at the DNC, Howard would have been fine with it.

* We visit our daughter in a large city in another state, and their newspaper is really pathetic. The layout isn't as good as ours, there is little local news and far fewer pages than we get. And they charge $1 each. We have been reading both Charleston papers for many years and appreciate the quality and pricing. Keep up the good work.

* It will be interesting to see the cost for travel and lodging for WVU sports teams in the Big 12 compared to the Big East. The 2013 ticket prices will probably go up to cover the high costs for away games.

* Why wasn't there one person "of power" at the Twin Towers memorial service in NYC? Were they afraid they might get asked about the memorial?



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