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Your Vents, Thursday, Sept. 20

* The Nitro Antique Car Club had another great show even though it was rained out.

* I resent that I am a senior citizen who pays my utilities and can watch people off of Wolfpen Road steal a meter, put it in at night and take it out in the morning. They also steal water.

* If you believe Obama is super, I'd have to say that you have your head up your pooper.

* If you want to purchase an American-made flag, they have them at Kmart.

* One of these days people will catch on that any politician's lips moving means they are lying.

* So Romney doesn't apologize? Just think of all of those workers he put out of work, all for fun and profit.

* I've been coming off of the South Hills acres area for over 40 years and have never seen so many eyesore houses. One has so much junk it looks like the city dump. Some have porch furniture on their roof. Please clean up Oakhurst Drive.

* Are we better off? No we aren't. Everything is more expensive. We are worse off. Remember this when you vote.

* President Obama should be proud of himself for his beer recipe. Maybe his food stamp people can make their beer at home now and have more food for their families.

* These officials in Putnam County are so eager to give new businesses a tax break, but what about existing businesses that are struggling to pay all of these fees you've got?

* The Hurricane DOH needs to fix Tackett's Branch Road. It is in bad shape and needs to be fixed now.

* Obama and the Democratic progressives need to take a page out of East Germany, Russia and Cuba's history. They've proved socialism doesn't work.

* How can I get rid of an opossum in my back yard? I'm afraid it will attack my dog.

* Can you really believe what you see and hear in the news? Who is running the show in these foreign protests?

* I'm a liberal. I am against capital punishment, but I do not support abortion. I believe it is a woman's right and she is the one who will have to answer to God. And Bush was in for eight years and nothing was ever done about abortion.

* I watch MSNBC news to get all the news, not half of the lies but the whole truth -  not only one side, but all sides.

* The Republicans are really grasping for straws in this election. How come all of a sudden there are voter ID laws? It has never been that way. They want to change voter laws in the battleground states where they can't win without them. Sorry about their luck.

* The Kanawha County school board asks for more than $1 million more to build a school that is not needed in a place where it should never have been built only to the detriment of the surrounding neighborhood. It is just amazing.

* Here we have MIT professor Jonathon Gruber telling us to stroke the backs of insurance companies one more time. What we really need is universal health care that would put us on a global competitive basis to compete in a growing global economy.  

* Well, now it looks like Romney isn't all the way against Obamacare, just enough to please the Republican base. Watch out, folks. I believe he has flip-flopped again.


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