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Your vents, Friday, Sept. 21

* Seems to me all these millions being spent on the campaigns would go a long way in helping the poor and the out-of-work Americans. After all, everyone should have their mind made up on who they are going to vote for by now.

* Charleston has more double-dipping retired policemen and firemen in high places than they have actual city employees.

* What makes pink methamphetamine rare and what makes it pink?

* Don't fight fire with fire. Just relax and fight hot words with the truth and only the truth, and the fire will go out. The devil doesn't stand a chance against the truth.

* To the Shelley Moore Capito hater: She got my child an appointment at the United States Air Force Academy.

* The U.S. government should remove all ambassadors, government officials and aides and contractors from all Muslim countries and withdraw all money from their banks and let them kill themselves off. You cannot make a democracy out of them.

* We couldn't have a better man than Mitt Romney running for president, but the stupid people of this country are going to re-elect that know-nothing Obama.

* People deliver packages to homes. They bang on the door so hard that they knock the plastic covers from porch lights.

* Mitt Romney is a disgrace to our country. Anybody who would put politics before our boys being killed has nothing coming to him. He is a hypocrite.

* I cannot comprehend nor imagine the burden it would be to carry within me the hatred and the desire to destroy even women and children for no other reason than that they do not worship as I do. It challenges me to know how to empathize with these people. This monstrous behavior is practically ignored by these people. I guess it isn't politically correct to talk about it.

* To the National Guard who tore down the drug-infested houses in Huntington: Please tell the people to sow greens in there like kale and mustard and collards for winter and in the spring sow victory gardens like they did after the depression.  

* What most people need to learn in life is how to love people and use things instead of using people and loving things.

* Kudos to the Washington Street East project that bans certain businesses from the area. I wish adjoining cities would have the same plan.

* I am a retired senior, and I don't want to share my hard-earned benefits with the younger generation. They could find a job if they would get out and look. There are plenty of places with "Help Wanted" signs out.

* I don't know about anyone else out there, but I hope this political season is over soon. They have done so many negative ads that it is disgusting. I don't care who wins. They are all crooked. Some are just nicer than others. But the people always come last in the end.

* The only good thing about the Honey Boo Boo show is that it isn't filmed in West Virginia.

* To the caller who called in saying that the DNC was nothing but lies and a total bust: You must be talking about the RNC. After all, they talked out of both sides of their mouths with nothing but lies.

* We have to stand together as Americans. We don't have to agree with everything but at least respect your fellow citizens.

* Enough already about Romney's tax forms. Don't you think Obama has already seen them? What about his own records under lock and key?


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