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Your Vents, Tuesday, Oct. 2

* It's really going to hurt the rednecks here in West Virginia, but Obama is going to beat Romney like a borrowed mule.

* If Obama thinks he inherited a mess from the last president, just wait until he sees the mess he inherits from this president now. Oh, that's right.

* America will remain the greatest nation on Earth until the people figure out they can eat at the government trough. I think under Obama we are at the trough.

* Most of us are not rich and cannot afford the high price of gas. Do you want to make the rest of us working people unable to afford to commute to work so we have to go on welfare?

* For a pleasant surprise, read Rush Limbaugh's book "See, I Told You So." You will be delighted.

* Is there an honest politician in the U.S.?

* It is time for the genius who changed everything on the newspaper websites to admit it was a mistake and change it back. Now we have to go through Facebook.

* Police are not allowed to profile, but have you noticed that the people in the drug crimes and murders are from Detroit?

* Hey, the government goofed again. Instead of handing out free cellphones, they should have handed out free suspenders and belts. That way the young men wouldn't have to hold up their  pants with one hand while they hold the cellphone in the other. How in the world are they going to work like that?

* To set the record straight, you may be able to buy sports energy drinks on food stamps, but you can't buy anything such as the five-hour energy drinks.

* Danny Jones stated that if the city failed to provide garbage bags, there would be trash all over the streets. That is the same person who cut police department positions, which allowed a different type of trash on the streets.

* No matter what kind of agreement he made with the mother, the humane officer who rescued the dog locked in the garage needs to press charges against the dog's owner and the owner's "mother," who obviously knew the dog was starving and locked up and didn't do anything about it.

* I love Fox News and Fox Network because they are unbiased, and fair and unafraid on current events. I don't like the program "The Five" because I can't stand Bob Beckel.

* Romney puts me in the mind of "Tricky-Dick" Nixon.

* You people keep bashing Obama. We had two George Bushes in office and that is why we are in this recession.  

* I hope all of the atheists, agnostics and downright protestors who are able to stop prayers before football games like at Sissonville High School receive the most severe punishment from God.

* Without Oliver Luck as athletic director, WVU wouldn't be in the top 12, have a top-notch coach, be ranked No. 7 in the nation, have a Heisman Trophy candidate in Geno Smith, have increased revenues and innovative additions and amenities at the stadium. Go, Ollie.

* I'm not the sharpest tack in the bunch, but I have a feeling that President Obama and Joe Biden gloating about killing Osama Bin Laden is what provoked those attacks, not that movie.

* Remember what Chuck Colson said back in the '60s and early '70s about voters. When you've got them by their intimate parts, their hearts and minds will follow. The powers behind that sentiment are still in charge of things.

* You people who like to complain about welfare and SSI recipients just need to vote for Romney. That way they will have to get jobs in order to survive.

* I can't fathom anyone biting off a pigeon's head for money. Thankful this moron will receive a fine. He should be jailed. Pigeons carry diseases.

* "Ethics agency gave green light to hiring of son." Why does West Virginia have an ethics commission? Have they ever denied any state employee any request?

* What is it with Frontier? They said all it would take to correct a problem was to throw a switch at their office, but they had to put in an order to do that so they left the people without phone service for six days. Throw the damn switch, Frontier.

* Mount Storm was once one of the most beautiful areas in our state and now it looks like hell. The windmills are turned off at night to preserve the bats, but turned on during the day and kill hundreds of migrating birds. We can thank the EPA for this.

* Why can't they have trick-or-treat on Halloween night? Why does it have to be moved to a different night just because a few people like to go to church on Wednesday? Why do Christians get preferential treatment?

* Seniors cry, "I paid for my Social Security and Medicare benefits." This is true up to a point. Over time, after retirement we will exhaust what we paid into both Social Security and Medicare. One major medical procedure could wipe out what you paid into Medicare for years.

* Being from West Virginia,  we know about bumps in the road. The killing of the ambassador to Libya and three other Americans by Islamic jihadist fanatics storming U.S. embassies in the Middle East is a lot more than just a bump in the road. Our president's foreign policy is a failure.

* Romney transported a dog on the roof of his car and doesn't understand why airplane windows won't roll down. What's next - screened windows in a submarine?

* I was in the Sissonville Foodland the other night and a gentleman in line was short about $13 and he had a food stamp card. He was going to put a few items back but a couple in line behind him said they would pay for it. I thought that was wonderful. And the lady said that is what we are supposed to do, to help other people. I wish there were more people out there like that today.

* It is no wonder that Charleston has pension problems. Where else can you retire at 50 years old and draw a huge pension? The pensions are really good. They are much better than in the private sector.

* The Sissonville community should be greatly commended for taking a stand for God the way they have.

* Romney didn't surprise me any by putting the poor and underprivileged down. That is the way some Republicans actually feel, but Romney just accidentally put it out there for all the world to hear.

* If our president is re-elected, the captain of the ship will go down and take its passengers along with it.

* It is a refreshing change that Honey Boo-Boo and her family are from Georgia and not West Virginia.



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