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Your vents, Wednesday, Oct. 3

  • The Democrat's motto: "Osama bin Laden is dead, General Motors is alive," showcases two failures of the GOP. President Obama took a chance on both of them, and he was right in both cases.
  • I suggest they cut the city council salaries in half, raise the user fee to $3 and do better on the streets in Kanawha City.
  • Squirrel hunting has really done it in. I've got two American chestnut trees and they are full of nuts and there are no squirrels for the first time in 27 years. It is unbelievable.
  • Come on West Virginians, if you expect progress, have you looked at the list of delinquent taxes from the people? Come on and pay up.
  • I know why all the coal miners have been laid off. It is to make things look bad on Obama. After all, their stockpiles are full, power plants are switching to gas, and we all know that the Republican coal company owners want less regulation.
  • I believe these midget league programs for sports are getting out of control, especially in the Charleston area.  You have parents pushing and shoving coaches and each other. The children behave but the parents act like the convicts are taking over the prison. The governing board needs to look into this. Someone is going to get seriously hurt.
  • I understand the Friends of Coal movement. I just think if you are going to be more representative of West Virginia, there should be friends of poverty, friends of ignorance, and friends of obesity.
  • President Obama met with 13 world leaders at last year's U.N. summit but no meetings this year. He is putting his campaign ahead of leadership, of which he has none.
  • Charleston has a user fee designated for more police. Now the police provide a safe place to drink downtown. Maybe the bars should hire their own police.
  • To my brother coal miners out there: The new Obama ad showing Romney is against coal is taken out of context. Romney is not against coal. Don't buy Obama's lies. Stick together, brothers, and vote Romney in. Obama is killing our jobs.
  • Why can't our nation spend tax money for aid to Americans at home instead of using it for foreign aid? Maybe politics are more important.
  • To all the anchors on Fox News: Get rid of these Democratic pundits on your shows. They do nothing but talk over everyone on the set. These people have to get their words in, which gives less time to the others.
  • I live in a subdivision in Teays Valley and we have a very serious health problem, but the Putnam County Health Department won't do anything about it. A homeowner has a large, in-ground swimming pool that is never used and covered in thick green slime. West Nile virus is rampant, and it's a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. 


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