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Your vents, Friday, Oct. 5

  • n Sen. Rockefeller spoke out against the "Stop the War on Coal Act " passed by the House. Who does he represent anyway? In case he forgot, it is West Virginia. Our electric bill will double if this war continues.
  • n Why is it President Obama can find time to be on "The View," but can't meet with the leaders of Israel over the nuclear crisis in Iran? He is a showboat president acting like he is auditioning for his own reality show instead of running the country.
  • n After eight years we should still be blaming Bush and his business cronies who put us in the mess we are in.  Especially Cheney and his Halliburton buddies!
  • n If Mitt Romney gets in there, we are all doomed.
  • n For all senior parents at Nitro High School, make sure all of your students have all of the credits they need to graduate.
  • n Meadow Drive and Spring Hill Avenue homeowners in Spring Hill aren't following the city's ordinance about garbage cans and they should be fined.
  • n The future debt that the Obama administration and Democrats have forced on the future of our country amounts to child abuse.  They should be ashamed.
  • n Here is a quote.  "Truth, the parallel to love, is desirable."  Require picture IDs and drug tests for those on the dole.  Thank you very much.
  • n Anyone who is voting for Obama in the upcoming election is either in denial, or is gullible or extremely naive.  The man has divided this country.
  • n Juan Williams is a jerk. He is on Fox News and is the
  • nastiest, cockiest, most insensitive person who is still giving "off color" remarks. He loves Obama. Kick him in the behind.
  • n So Gail Manchin is cutting Joe Manchin's hair with a Flowbee?  I guess we are all supposed to be impressed and forget how they threw our money around on $1,200 shower heads and marble baths?  Of course that was spending other people's money.
  • People if you love your pets, please buy them good dog food. Read the labels before purchase.
  • I am a senior and am willing to cut back a little on my Social Security benefits so that younger people could take advantage of those benefits in the future after they work for it. We need to start tightening our belts. All of us.
  • Three cheers for the Sissonville students who prayed at their football game.  
  • All of the stupid polls still have Obama ahead of Romney, but not by much.  The debates will tell the tale. Obama and Biden are blubbering, lying fools. Romney and Ryan will squish them like the bugs they are.
  • Dear Joe, I read in my paper about China building a big coal-fired plant in Texas to produce electricity. How does burning our coal in Texas not pollute the environment?
  • Romney failed as a governor and did nothing for the poor. I think God is for helping the poor.
  • There is one major flaw in early voting. Anyone who votes now before watching the three presidential debates is totally irresponsible and shouldn't be voting at all.
  • For years, I've had opossums come on my deck and eat with my raccoons and cats. They aren't aggressive unless they are threatened.


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