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Your vents for Monday, October 8

  • The wealthy have taken over all of the used clothing stores. Their prices have gone way up. What is the poor working man going to do? I've donated to them for years, too. Everybody should stop donating until they bring down their prices.

  • Hugo Chavez says he would vote for Obama - two peas in a pod. I hope the Democrats are pleased with Hugo Chevez's powerful support.
  • Danny Jones should not assume that people his age and older are not interested in riverfront development in Charleston. Don't speak for me, Danny. 
  • What a silly thing to say - 63 people want to turn the Boulevard into a bike path. The Boulevard was and still is a major improvement along the river. Any visitor to the city will tell you how beautiful it makes the city. As for zooming, it's difficult to zoom with all of the events Dollar Danny schedules there.
  • What does it say to you that rich Republicans are unable to entertain the possibility that Americans who depend on government programs during the worst recession in generations may have legitimate economic grievances?
  • People please check the facts. The World Trade Center building number 7 was substantially damaged on 9/11 by the collapse of the two main towers. It was of a far different design that did not allow it to survive such direct damage from the first towers and the ensuing fire. Everything is not a conspiracy.
  • If I were an employer whose business is being devastated by all of these unreasonable economic and environmental policies to the point that I have to lay off employees to survive, I would go out in the parking lot, figure out who is driving cars with Obama bumper stickers, and give them pink slips to show them that how they vote has consequences.
  • For a week after the killing of our ambassador and three others, the president and all of his staff lied, saying it was because of some film clip and not terrorism, even though it happened on 9/11 and it was verified within 24 hours. If they lied about this, what else have they lied about in the past or will lie about in the future?
  • It bugs me to see a statement that stink bugs arrived in 1998. We had the identical bug in the depression years in great numbers and also in the '60s and '70s. Even National Geographic got it wrong.
  • Shelley "Bush" Capito who voted for all of the Bush policies that destroyed the economy said that people in Clay County are yelling, "stop the war on coal," at her. I do not believe this statement. I challenge her to identify one person in Clay County who yelled at her in this manner. It looks like the Republicans are consistent by nominating liars like her and Paul Ryan. Elect Howard Swint, a straight talker who tells the truth.
  • Among the 47 percent referenced by Mitt Romney are my neighbors who have received every government benefit available, have filed for bankruptcy, are currently expecting their fifth child by the fourth different father, whose income is supplied through a constant cycle of working union labor just long enough to build up unemployment and then volunteering for a layoff, and who are staunch, straight ticket Democrats.
  • Danny Jones keeps talking about how broke the city is and how the employees haven't had a raise for 4 years, well he is only half right. What he fails to inform the public is that he makes sure all the department heads get a raise every year. So if all those big wigs who make $60,000 to $80,000 a year get a raise, why can't the people who barely make enough to get by?
  • I've been around the independent wrestling organization for about 10 years. I can assure you there are no writers who work for this organization. It is all made up on the spur of the moment by a couple of people.
  • The Middle East is a hotbed for terror wars that Obama cannot handle. The stock market and economy are inflated due to over quantitative easing, but we are nearing the cliff. Obama's plans haven't changed. We need to elect Mitt Romney.
  • Conservatives aren't bad people. They just believe the working class cannot take care of the entire world because it is too big. Don't forget, charity starts at home. 
  • Those people complaining about Maloney being from New York and being wealthy sure don't seem to be bothered by Rockefeller being from New York and being wealthy.
  • I see the case against Don Young of Nitro has been dropped. Now the mayor has hired an executive assistant. What about that? I guess he couldn't do it all by himself. Is it more government or payoffs?
  • Nurses are a big asset to doctors.
  • Gov. Romney has been outed as a corporate harvester. He was alleged to be a vulture capitalist. Now his own words are "reaping the profits of what the companies had." He is un-American and a traitor.
  • The reason you hear things on Fox News that you don't hear anywhere else is because Fox News makes things up.
  • What kind of rights does a man have in West Virginia when he signs the birth certificate of children and then later finds out they are not his? I know this goes on a lot. He should not be held responsible for a woman who slept around on him and then be held accountable for the next 18 years. Come on, politicians, do something about this.
  • Both Charleston newspapers have featured several nature photographs recently.  They have been beautiful and have had accurate captions. Nice work.

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