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Your vents for Tuesday, October 9

  • If Kanawha County Metro 911 is under the jurisdiction of the Kanawha County Commission, then any money they receive has to be voted on by the commission. If they are not under the commission, then are they a private company? Who owns that place?

  • This is about the vent regarding the God of Christians and the God of Muslims. They should do some studying. We do not worship the same God.
  • Please, would all of you Biblical theologians who have never cracked the book open please stop with your stupid rhetoric. I am a Christian and I just thank Almighty God that you do not speak for me.
  • Republicans are embarrassed by George W. Bush's administration, but they want to revive his policies.
  • It has been almost four years since President Obama was inaugurated and do you still have your guns? Yes, I think so.
  • Those new gray WVU uniforms look like father time uniforms. They are nasty.
  • The massive $16 billion U.S. deficit is due to the Bush and Obama administrations and their outrageous spending which has not benefited the American people. The people in both administrations who are responsible should be the ones to pay it back.
  • Rockefeller worked for the Peace Corps after getting out of college and has lived and worked in West Virginia for over 50 years. Get your head out of the sand. The Bible says, "My people perish for lack of knowledge."
  • How can a bank advertise that they have free checking and then charge you a fee at the end of every year?
  • There is a Skeenies Hot Dogs stand on Sissonville Road at the corner of Scraggs Drive. It has been there for years although the one in Kanawha City is gone.
  • Please tell me why children's youth football league games are held on Sundays and Wednesdays when children's church programs are going on? Doesn't it make sense that children who learn about God and honor him will make better citizens? Think about it.
  • Shelley Moore Capito has done a great job as our 2nd District Congresswoman.  Let's re-elect her.
  • To the person venting about having Trick or Treat on Halloween night? It has nothing to do with Christians. It has been on Thursday night since I was a child and I am 33 years old.
  • They cannot stop you from praying on your own no matter where you are. 
  • Tell me how they can figure that Obama already has almost enough electoral votes to win and we haven't even had the election yet. Now what is up with that?
  • I just read that one major medical condition could wipe out what you paid into Social Security and Medicare for years. I don't believe you'd have to worry about that under Romney and Ryan because under the voucher system you wouldn't be able to get the treatment anyway.
  • Way to go unemployment office - you allow a person who was caught with open beer containers in a work vehicle to receive unemployment benefits. Shame on you.
  • Our legislators should not have a problem with improving the school system. Require all union requirements to be void or allow "right to work." It is easy and it's time that we do it.
  • I just returned from grocery shopping. A single apple cost me $1. I'm buying me a dwarf apple tree and within three years it'll bear fruit, but it has to be a dwarf tree.
  • Why do parents on Kay Neva Lane in the Sissonville area continue to allow their children to ride four wheelers in other people's yards and on a paved road with a center line, which is against the law?
  • It is not the fault of the police that people come here from Detroit to sell drugs. That is not profiling. If they would stay in Michigan, they wouldn't have to worry about what they call profiling.
  • Anytime I discuss politics with a liberal, I feel I am dueling with an unarmed opponent. They are so clueless.
  • They need to clean up the triangle in Rock Lake Village. It needs to look beautiful again. It is a shame the neighbors don't take care of it.
  • The attack on the embassy in Libya was to retaliate for Obama's drone attack on an al-Qaida named al-Libbi. That means "from Libya." Fox News reported the attack was planned by a terrorist that Bush and Cheney released from Guantanamo in 2007.
  • The silent televisions in doctor's offices are mainly to let you know that they watch Fox News and they want you to vote Republican so their taxes will not go up and they will not have to go out of business. It really is just that simple.
  • I live in a subdivision in Teays Valley. We have a health problem. We have a pond that the contractor needs to re-do. I can't get help from the health department or the planning commission.
  • I see coal companies have enough money to buy a federal judge. They took Blair Mountain off of the national historic register - so money does talk.
  • How can South Charleston build a fire station with city crews while Sissonville Volunteer Fire department members were not allowed to build their own station? Sissonville had to hire union workers.
  • Rand has a serious problem with a drug house on Starling Drive. The law needs to come here and help us out.
  • Romney for president - what a joke. I just returned from Massachusetts and the people there are strictly against him, and he was their governor. What does that say about a man?

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