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Your vents for Wednesday, October 10

  • Romney said that the states should handle Medicaid. My gosh, West Virginia would be broke - we have so many people on Medicaid and food stamps. This state couldn't afford it.

  • Mayor, please leave the Boulevard the way it is. Don't mess it up. It is beautiful.
  • Police need to check out the "dopies" hanging out in the 4400 block of MacCorkle Avenue. The place is called Hope, but I think they just go up there to get dope.
  • Coach Doc Holliday is a boring speaker.
  • Big Bird likes everybody, including Mitt Romney, who is going to "can" him.
  • I have a reason and purpose for my life. I am a survivor and a fighter. 
  • Get rid of the Electoral College. It would mean so much to me. I want my vote to count in this election, but in West Virginia it will not.
  • I think President Obama is just waiting till the next debate to open up and give it his best. He just wanted to hear what Romney finally had to say.
  • Joe and Gayle Manchin's ad is wonderfully refreshing. Much better than all the God-awful ads that are pummeling us now.
  • I work for a major, national corporation with 20,000 employees and I have been told that they plan to hire and expand if Mr. Romney gets elected and will have no choice but to have a major layoff if President Obama is re-elected.
  • One thing is for sure. You can rest assured that Barack Obama and the rest of the Democrats do not run their personal finances like they run the government. If they did, they would all be bankrupt. Or else they would get arrested for writing worthless checks.
  • Despite Mr. Romney's painted on, condescending smile and fast talk, our president had the facts at his finger tips all through the debate and presented them clearly all evening. Bless President Obama.
  • ID was required to get into the Democratic National Convention. Why did Democrats reqiuire ID there when they say ID should not be required to vote?
  • Attention all news reporters in Charleston. Pinch, West Virginia is not on Interstate 79. Pinch is not even close to I-79. It's on the other side of Elk River about half way between the two bridges that will get you across the river to go there. Reporters should all familiarize themselves with the geography of Kanawha County if they are going to work here.
  • Do your writers know that there is a girls' soccer team at Capital High? They are not mentioned whatsoever. Terrible.
  • Netanyahu, a political leader of the free world, cannot depend on President Obama to back him.
  • If we have a fair election this November, not stolen in Florida as in 2000, and stolen in Ohio as in 2004, Obama will win reelection easily, probably by 30 electoral votes.
  • I'm sorry to say that no matter who wins the presidential election, the American people will be the big losers
  • I wish Suddenlink would get the boxes fixed that you use on your TVs. Every time I change my channel, I have to unplug the TV from the power in order to go to a different channel. If I want to see a different channel right after another show, I might miss something waiting for this to take effect. This seems to be happening on both of my boxes.
  • Another request to the South Charleston police chief: Please get your officers into the hill neighborhoods - we are being overrun with junk vehicles, work trailers, people parking on sidewalks, etc. Some of us care about our property. Please start with Massey Circle.
  • Concerning the upcoming vote on eliminating term limits for county sheriffs, I think many more of us are interested in placing term limits on all the statewide and countywide offices at two terms. Wouldn't hurt to put them on the U.S. Congress as well. Why won't they give us a chance to vote on that?
  • With his dismal record, if the Republicans can't defeat Obama, they should close the party down.
  • A cantilevered bike path along the Kanawha River would leave the Boulevard for cars and would cost a bundle less than the trestle bridge.

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