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Your vents for Thursday, October 11

  • I place the blame for this nation's ills directly on the people. Our officials at the federal, state, and local levels all lie to us and yet an uninformed, misinformed, apathetic majority of voters perpetually reelect these folks to office somehow expecting things to get better.

  • If Social Security and Medicare are not entitlement or wealth redistribution programs and are fully funded and self sufficient as President Obama wants me to believe, then the government should let me opt out of having these deductions taken from my paycheck in exchange for me not expecting a payback when I am of retirement age.
  • If the audit sent to the State Board of Education had recommended firing teachers instead of reducing the number of administration officials, there would be no hand wringing whatsoever over what to do.
  • In the opinion of this long-time Charleston resident, taxpayer, and voter, if the city council spends one more dime on that harebrained train-trestle walkway, they're throwing good money in after bad.
  • Let me get this straight. Bill Maloney moved to West Virginia and made his fortune and is maligned for that. How soon we forget. Back years ago another person moved to West Virginia to make his political fortune. That politician was Jay Rockefeller.
  • The elitists who always want a lower capital-gains tax rate are disgusting. They always insist their easy money be taxed at a lower rate than the rest of us pay. All of these special rates need to end. Every dollar earned should be taxed at the same rates for everyone. This is nothing more than welfare for the rich.
  • The Rebubs say that Obama lied about the attack in Libya. Bush and Cheney lied about WMDs and mushroom clouds. Romney lies about who he wants to represent. Which lie caused the most death and destruction?
  • We have too many career politicians in West Virginia. We don't need to add the office of sheriff to the list. Vote down the amendment to allow sheriffs to serve more than two consecutive terms.
  • The American people had better watch out for Romney. Look how he did the Bain corporation. He put money overseas and got rid of his employees.
  • AEP is really hard up. They always want rate increases. We've been trying to get a streetlight repaired since Sept. 7. Even a city traffic engineer has called them and they say they don't have the money to repair it.
  • To the person who said that Greta Van Susteren should not be on the Fox channel: I thought Fox was supposed to be fair and balanced. They got rid of Alan Colmes, so now they are getting rid of Van Susteren?
  • Obama is the debt king of the world. Do you really want him to put your children and grandchildren deeper into debt? They will never know the American dream.
  • Unions outsource more jobs than anyone else because they are greedy. Businesses need to make money or they can't stay in business, so they go overseas where they can make money.
  • Kent Carper was a Republican for the better part of his life and now he is a Democrat. He is an Obama lover.
  • To the brother coal miners: If you don't believe Romney is against coal, you should watch the video when he was running for governor of Massachusetts. In it he said he would never be for coal because it polluted the air and caused sicknesses like asthma in children. When he gets in office, it will be the way the Republicans always run it - for the rich.
  • If you are 55 years old or under and want a voucher for $6,000 for Medicare, go ahead and vote Romney in. He said he'll leave it up to the states, not like in Massachusetts where they took federal money. Go ahead and vote for the moron.
  • I want to have the movie listings back in the paper. I will never have a computer so I can't look them up. I've taken the paper for over 35 years.
  • The firemen need to be taken care of.
  • Those killings at Fort Hood were terrorist acts. Call it what they are. The guy who shot all those soldiers was talking to al-Qaeda.
  • To answer the questions about Mitt Romney's state not having a political sign: Some states don't allow it. In West Virginia, they stick them on bed sheets and put them everywhere.
  • Some people just wear you out. They just never shut up. Please, already, quit. And then they wonder why people can't stand to be around them.
  • It is amazing that unemployment is the lowest in three years. It is another of Obama's tricky tricks.
  • If you watched the Mountaineers after they won, they knelt down and prayed.
  • If you have company or are going out to eat with someone, it is rude to be texting. Show that you have some manners.
  • I always have had deer on my land, including bucks, which I haven't seen since last fall. Also, the squirrels are missing.
  • Save Big Bird.

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