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Your vents for Friday, October 12

  • Congrats to WVU for the win over Texas, but the students being out of control in Morgantown is ridiculous. It makes West Virginia look horrible to the rest of the country. I was in Texas during the win and it was broadcast down there. South Carolina won big over Georgia and they didn't act like that. Our win was overshadowed by the idiots.

  • How can anyone prove that the unemployment rate just given out is doctored?
  • Instead of arresting the students at WVU for building bonfires and celebrating the victory, the school should build a large fire pit, supply the firewood, and take part in the celebration.
  • The Daily Mail defends austerity as it relates to Big Bird, but says nothing about borrowing hundreds of billions of dollars for two unfunded wars. For the first time in our history, we don't have shared sacrifice. Your positions are very inconsistent.
  • Maybe President Obama doesn't want to preside over the coming "cliffhanger" of the economy.
  • Oh shucks, the gas prices in California are at a record high.
  • The only thing to do with a bully is to bloody his nose.
  • Some of the selected whines should not be published. The ones that call people names should not be published.
  • Suddenlink service in Sissonville is awful.
  • Thanks to the lady in Tornado who adopted Zeus the dog that was left to starve. 
  • That phrase "Kool-Aid drinkers" is a nasty thing to say. Just think about all of the innocent people including children who died at Jonestown. Using those words is insulting to the dead. Show some respect.
  • You don't know what backstabbers are doing behind your back. They've probably done it all of their lives.
  • Shame on the Kanawha County tax department. They add hurt to poor folks who are struggling to pay their taxes. They are shameful and greedy.
  • Mitt Romney beat Obama like a borrowed mule.
  • I think they should take it easy on the so-called WVU rioters. They were just trying to grill their longhorn beefsteaks over burning couches.
  • Concerning the 40 fires at WVU, if the Morgantown mayor would seek a fine on the wayward fire-burning students, parents would get involved and pay for police. Why punish innocent students when you could heavily fine the guilty?
  • Thank you to the sweet store clerk who called her friend who had a wrecker truck and helped unlock my car in the parking lot at Winfield's Dollar General on Oct. 8.
  • All gods were created by humans to dictate the behavior of other humans. If God truly existed, wars would not.
  • Thank you to the person who vented about the triangle at Rock Lake Village needing to be cleaned up. Maybe all of my hard work and effort and money spent haven't been appreciated after all. I'll try to do better in the future. 
  • We as Americans are not only ugly; we have allowed ourselves to become a cruel, brutal and ruthless people. 
  • Anyone who runs for the office of West Virginia governor should have a residency in the state of West Virginia. We need their tax dollars here no matter which party they are part of.
  • Someone needs to tell church people on Sundays that even though you say "God bless you," it doesn't mean that you don't have to tip. "God bless you" doesn't pay my bills.


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