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Your vents for Monday, October 15

  • Willard Mitt Romney thinks that ending the Afghanistan war is a mistake. He wouldn't know what it would be like to be there so it shows just how much he cares about the men and women who are over there fighting.

  • Bill Maloney helped rescue the miners in South America. He knows a lot about mine safety.
  • I think Gov. Tomblin is a great governor and he did a great job in the debate.
  • I can't believe the Republican candidate in Putnam County wants to put a bond issue in to finish U.S. 35. What do they think? We can't pay our taxes now as it is.
  • With Romney, we will have a stronger America by increasing military protection. With Obama we will have more families dependent on government handouts.
  • Obama did not beef up security at the Libyan embassy. The blood of the Americans who died there is on his hands.
  • I wonder if the same people who hated the Electoral College after the 2000 election will be upset should Romney win the popular vote this year and lose in the Electoral College? The hypocrisy of political partisans is on full display at times like that.
  • The rich are already paying the bulk of taxes in this country. Why don't people making over $250,000 send all of it to the president and let him just give them an allowance? The rich aren't the villains here - it's big government.
  • President Reagan was re-elected after the Beirut marine barracks bombing killing 241 Americans in 1983, and George W. Bush was re-elected after over 3,000 Americans were killed in the 9/11 attacks, but President Obama shouldn't be re-elected because four Americans were killed in the Libya attack?
  • A special interest owned Congress has no ability to make or allow any significant cuts to the federal budget. They also have not the courage to propose substantial tax increases. So I guess the deficit disappears by wishing and hoping.
  • Our state's unemployment rate would be substantially reduced if all the windows in the Kanawha City DMV office were fully staffed. Citizens with jobs should not have to waste at least half a day to renew a driver's license.
  • Thanks, Danny Jones, for having your car show and shutting down the Boulevard. My normal 10-minute drive home took me 55 minutes.
  • Let's see: Unemployment rate lower than when Bush left office, affordable medical care for practically all Americans, Osama bin Laden dead, war in Iraq ended and Afghanistan winding down, I don't know why anyone would vote to re-elect President Obama.
  • Good news for the average American is bad news for the Republican Party.
  • The Simpson-Bowles deficit reduction plan didn't make it to Congress for a vote because the union representatives on the committee refused. They aren't real cooperative when their sacred cows are threatened. The brass knuckles approach used by Wisconsin is the only way to deal with them.
  • Why do fans of "Fair and Balanced" Fox News want to purge the few liberal commentators they have? Can't stand the heat?
  • To the guy who said all the squirrels were missing from his property: you know, of course, that it is Obama's fault.

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