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Your vents for Tuesday, October 16

  • The major problem on Interstate 77 North at Edens Fork is the bridge. Anyone who travels that road daily knows crossing the bridge is like riding a roller coaster. Just let the members of the so-called study travel the route northbound or southbound - they will see what the problem is all about.

  • The presidential debate on Oct. 3 was the first time in the entire campaign that Obama was held to account for his failed record of the last four years. The media has failed miserably to do their job and hold him accountable for his failed policies and he has been surrounded by "yes" people for the duration of his first term. It's no wonder he was so unprepared.
  • To those of you in denial about the very real war on coal being waged by the current administration, you will wish we had coal available when all of the mines have been shut down and we are paying triple the amount on our electric bills.
  • It is unbelievable that any public employee, including teachers, would even think about getting a raise when so many in the private sector are barely making ends meet.
  • No one wants to walk through your dog's poop. Please take responsibility for your own pet. Other's will notice and follow your example.
  • To all the people going on about how FestivALL killed the Regatta: It didn't. Mismanagement of Regatta led to its end, four years after FestivALL began. Stop complaining and go out and enjoy what FestivALL has to offer.
  • All right, O'Reilly. There are big rotted holes in the centers of these trees. Will you shut up now?
  • After reading the article on the 223 mph motorcycle, I'm completely confused. The bike supposedly ran a mile on a drag strip, but drag strips are one-eighth or one-quarter miles long, and secondly, that bike will not run 223 mph in a quarter mile. Clarify, please.
  • Remember, we have no national election. We have 50 separate state elections. So, nationwide polls are meaningless, state polls are what is important.
  • I think each and every elected office should have strict term limits. No more than two terms for any office that has a four or six-year term and no more than six terms for any office that has a two-year term.
  • I think it is extremely selfish for Century Aluminum and anyone else to expect individuals and other businesses to pick up the slack and help them with their electric bill.  If they can't afford to pay like the rest of us; then they probably shouldn't be in business. Good riddance.
  • Don't be fooled by the Republicans. Remember the weapons of mass destruction and the trillion-dollar war to find them.
  • Description of Fox News: much ado about nothing.
  • I voted for Obama but I'll never make that mistake again.
  • I think both Sens. Beach and Prezioso are right to suggest university sanctioned post game celebrations, like bonfires in a controlled area. People want to be together and celebrate after big victories. And this year, most are big. Let them bring a couch or two to the celebration. Let's be positive, as the team is, not looking at punishments all the time.
  • Most Americans are unaware that one of the greatest threats to their freedom may be a United Nations program known as Agenda 21.
  • When the Morgantown police tried to disperse the mob of maniacs on Saturday night, some were throwing rocks at the police. Parents of some students complained that they shouldn't have used pepper spray. With idiot parents like these, what can be expected of the students?
  • Does Big Bird speak Chinese? Maybe Mitt Romney could outsource him there.
  • What Mitt Romney means by "pre-existing conditions will be covered' is that if your present insurance covers it, and you continue to be covered until switching to Romney's plan, then your condition will be covered. If you do not have coverage for that condition, then good luck and thanks for your vote.
  • As we approach a fiscal cliff, it is imperative to have an open dialogue about the nation's budget and the need to implement a plan that will get our financial house in order. Real problems demand real solutions, and I applaud the success of Rep. Ryan in bringing these issues to the table.
  • Barack Obama and Joe Biden don't have a record to run on, or a plan for the future. So to cover up, Biden was rude, manic and interrupted.
  • Mitt Romney makes $54,794.52 a day. Do you think he knows how we make ends meet? He won't even know us when he gets to be president.
  • Coal miners are not aware of the fact that Romney and the Republican Party are 100 percent against collective bargaining. Please keep up with what is happening to America with this party.
  • I can't find anyone that can tell me what Shelley Moore Capito has done for her district. Can you?
  • It is too much of a coincidence that the unemployment rate dropped - according to the president. Figures don't lie, but liars figure.
  • Romney knew the answers, had class and acted presidential - more than we can say for the one we've had four too-long years.
  • Mitt Romney has no right to complain that 30 cents of every dollar is borrowed when he has the bulk of his $200 million in the Cayman Islands and Switzerland to keep from paying U.S. income tax and helping us middle class people to pay down the deficit. That is very un-American.
  • Thank you Rahall for voting 94 percent for Obama's bills. If the Republicans in the House had not signed a pact to vote against every bill Obama presented to them that helped the middle class because they wanted to make him a one-term president, our country would be a better country today.
  • To me it's pretty simple. If the students at WVU are incapable of acting like they have any sense when WVU wins a ball game, then throw them out of school. It is a privilege to go to college, not a right. So act like you have some sense or get tossed out and let some other deserving student have the spot.

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