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Your vents for Wednesday, October 17

  • What has happened to the Belle Police department? They don't patrol in town or do anything. You always see them on the main highway or up Campbells Creek. I thought they were for the city of Belle.

  • I don't understand the caller who says that Greta Van Susteren is a liberal.
  • Romney believes one thing: if you can lie and get away with it, it is a virtue.
  • When are they going to investigate the drug house on Starling Drive in Rand? The older people can't even walk the streets and sit on our porches. Something needs to be done by the authorities. Please help us.
  • In all of my 60 years of voting I have never seen a president as arrogant and pretentious as Obama. He is in the wrong occupation. He doesn't need to be president. He needs to be acting in Hollywood.
  • Anyone who thinks Mitt Romney gave such a brilliant performance in the debate should check one of the fact-checking websites like "" You may change your mind.
  • If people keep pushing other people around, this won't even be America someday.
  • No, the people of Wolf Pen Drive don't have a chance of cleaning up the area and there is no hope. We will not put up with it, so mind your own business.
  • WVU doesn't think the defense is important - Geno Smith is a senior. They need to play the quarterback who is going to play after him so he can get some experience. Next year, who is the quarterback?
  • A president can't win an election on likeability. People who like and vote for Obama despite his dismal record need to have their heads examined.
  • That whole Ravenswood smelter thing is nothing more than a ploy to push it past the election. I guess they think the people of West Virginia owe them. None of us in West Virginia owe them anything.
  • The mother of the Navy SEAL, who ran to the U.S. Embassy in Libya and lost his life, had to tell Romney to quit using his name in politics. I was a paratrooper in Vietnam when Romney supported the "dodge the war" campaign and ran from the war. God bless the Doherty family.
  • Women should not be allowed to touch thermostats. They spin the dial like the pilot of the Titanic trying to avoid an iceberg.
  • That old train trestle has been in Charleston since the 1920's. Why spend money to make it into a walkway? I'd be afraid to walk across it. Somebody would probably mug you and throw you into the river.
  • If your husband is supposed to work from 3 to 11 p.m. and doesn't get home until 3 a.m., and there is no extra money on the paycheck, you had better pay attention to where he is because he is obviously not working.
  • The CIA is probably behind the uprisings around the world right now.
  • Unemployment will not be any better until we start manufacturing our own stuff.
  • The number of child abductions and killings is just horrible. It is all across the nation. I praise Nancy Grace and her program for covering these stories. She is a hero, and I support her 1,000 percent in what she is trying to do.
  • It is really sad that young people steal from their parents. But it is sadder still that parents steal from their teenage daughter who is trying very hard to make it on her own. May God bless this young teenager.

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