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Your vents for Thursday, October 18

  • I am a veteran who lives in Nitro, and I am in a wheelchair. I used to go visit the veterans' memorial about once a week to meditate. Now I can't get down to the memorial anymore due to the new blacktop job. It is a disgrace. What is going on?


  • Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have the best plan for getting America back on her feet. His foreign policy outline is the best I've ever heard. They are going to beat the "Obiden" bunch.
  • Why should the government subsidize Amtrak for Joe Biden to ride to his job every day? We pay for our own transportation. Biden already uses the government for rent for the secret service people use on his property. He gets more than his fair share of our tax money.
  • Tony Stewart should be kicked out of NASCAR altogether. He has caused wrecks intentionally. The victim is usually Jeff Gordon. He makes the sport too dangerous.
  • I am an independent voter, and have voted in six presidential elections. I cannot figure out what Mitt Romney stands for or against. I have never seen a candidate lie, flip-flop and change his stance this much.
  • In the paper, I read about the pets in Nitro. Papaw bought this lot in 1936, built the house in 1938 and it was paid for in 1941. It is only an eighth of an acre but it is ours and we pay the taxes and utility bills. If I want to have 17 dogs I'll have 17 dogs. When they start paying the bills at my place they can tell me what I can and can't have on my own property.
  • Why will Christians accept the notion that there are many ways to get to heaven? Our Lord, Jesus Christ, said himself that, "I am the way, the truth, and the life and no man comes to the Father but through me."
  • When I moved to Nitro, there were a million river rats here. Now that I have cats I don't get bothered by the rats at all anymore.
  • Obama's campaign slogan of "Forward" was a favorite of Marxists. Remember Lenin's "spring forward"? Obama must not know history or he really is a socialist.
  • We need to pull out of all of the foreign countries. Get them out of there and mind your own business, United States.
  • Shelties and miniature collies are not the same. Shelties have short hair. Miniature collies are the same as a full collie, with full hair, except they are little.
  • Now it isn't uncommon for a wife to make as much or more than her husband. That didn't used to be the case.
  • Marshall, you will have smooth sailing from now on. You have six games left. Of those six teams, they have only won a total of seven games between them. You have it made now.
  • Why do Democrats and liberals approve of killing unborn children? Their king, Obama, supports partial birth abortion. That is pretty sick.
  • I got an early Christmas present when the Cincinnati Reds got knocked out.
  • I thought I was going to watch a show about liberals last night but found out that it was called "The Walking Dead," and not the "Walking Brain Dead."
  • Tit for tat is where it's at. Name calling is at its highest since we were all in middle school. Grow up.
  • Use facts instead of mudslinging. And facts really mean telling the real truth.
  • How can young people support Obama? They have nothing to look forward to. Most can't get a job. He brought no hope or change like he promised. They'd better take another look at Romney if they want a good future.
  • How do you get the awful smell out of duck and goose down feather pillows?
  • Why has early voting been cut back to only 10 days this year in West Virginia? Are they trying to suppress it?
  • Maybe the administration was holding on to the story about the Internet movie causing the Libyan attack in order to keep investigating the terrorist attack and not give the terrorists a heads up. Did any of the big mouths think about this angle before they started attacking our president?
  • I'm reading Fox News' ticker on the screen. Give me a minute to finish my comment because they are going to commercial.
  • West Virginia is a red state and I am glad because Obama said coal plants could burn their coal, but they would go bankrupt and he will destroy the coal industry. Romney likes coal and wants to save their jobs, and so does Joe Manchin.
  • I'm reminding WVU that we are blue and gold baby, blue and gold.
  • I don't love Obama. But I truly will not vote for Romney. Can't be doing that.
  • Mitt says he won't raise taxes. He will send programs to the states and then the states will raise the taxes. They are still all crooks and all liars.
  • I thank you God this morning when I read the paper and saw the meth lab was busted.  Five were taken off of the street and I thank you for it.  Each day you are a blessing.
  • I used to think Martha Raddatz was a great reporter because of all of the conflict and wars she has covered overseas. I even thought she would be a great secretary of state. But after I saw how she treated Ryan and Biden, I don't like her anymore and have lost my respect for her. She treated Ryan abominably.
  • Does the city of Charleston have a rule that the sanitation workers on the West Side leave empty trashcans in the middle of the street? Every week we have to move them out of the way to park. If it weren't for the goodness of my neighbor, who knows where my trash can would be when I come home from work.

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