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Your vents, Monday, Oct. 22

* I comment on the 47 percent that Gov. Romney mentioned feeling like they are entitled. He is talking about these lowlifes who won't take a job, not the people who really need to be and should be on programs. He hit the nail on the head.

* Kudos to Candy Crowley for holding Romney accountable for his lies about the president and his comments about Libya. Yay for the truth.

* Binders of women or binders for women?  

* President Obama's policies have been a real drag on the economy. We have high-energy costs and high taxes.  

* David Casebolt will beautify Nitro? I don't know what is left for him to do.

* I'm preparing to vote for all the women who are listed on the ballot because I think women might do a better job.

* Earl Wright, a professional forester for the DNR, came to Crawford Field and said that neither tree needed to be cut, they weren't rotting and hollowed out and they were safe.

* Thanks to Bill Maloney and John Raese for their time, and please people, get out and vote.

* My neighbor has had a backyard garden for years. When I informed him that he was actually a sustainable agricultural initiative, he said, "Duh, what?"

* Politicians could win by telling the truth and only the truth. So why do they tell lies, especially when the lies are so easily provable?

* God is still in control, no matter who wins the elections.

* The people in our household are a bit tired of all the commercials for male catheters and their very graphic language. Why are they constantly on television? Help.

* Has anything been done to punish the people who kept the dog in the dark garage without food and water?

* What is wrong with people who blame Obama and say he is trying to bankrupt West Virginia? It is Marcellus shale and cheap gas that is turning us away from coal. Wake up.

* Mitt Romney doesn't want to stay in Afghanistan. He just doesn't want to pull out too early like we did in Iraq. Also, my son is serving in Afghanistan and is exactly where he should be so that other 14-year-old girls don't get shot for trying to get an education.

* Seven games into the season and WVU still hasn't improved the defense. They need someone who knows defense.

* Rep. Capito recently got a water storage tank for East Bank. It provides water for fire hydrants. And the middle school doesn't have to dismiss now due to water shortages. The town of East Bank is most grateful to Mrs. Capito in case she hasn't been formally thanked.

* Saturday's game sure cut down on the couch burning in Morgantown.

* I am so glad my office is closed on Black Friday. We can visit as well as contribute to the economy of West Virginia. Thanks again.

* After four years of promises to pave our street by the past administration in Nitro, we would like to thank Mayor Casebolt and team for fixing the problem in a matter of months.

* I think all Kanawha County schools should be consolidated into one school so that every one has the opportunity for a good education.

* The nation with the most industry, self control, truthfulness and honesty will always be the most prosperous.


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