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Your Vents, Monday, Oct. 23

* Does the Nitro ban on the number of cats include if you have six cats in your house that never go outside?

* The continuous rumbling noise coming from the Bayer Plant in Institute is inhumane and cruel to the citizens of this community. It is ongoing - 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The toxins emitted from the towers are deadly. Citizens of Institute, call your governor and see if he can help us. We deserve a better quality of life.

* With all of the sports channels on television, why do they put football on the news channels? I like to watch the 10 p.m. news before going to bed. I haven't been able to do that for days. Please, get the football off my Fox channel.

* I am so proud of our president. He is truly working for every one of us Americans. Thank you so much, President Obama.

* Do the Republican hypocrites who voted to downsize our foreign embassies and now want to blame the Democrats for not having enough security remember who was president during Black Hawk Down? Most of you will have to look it up.

* All of West Virginia's deepest gratitude should be given to Bobby Nicholson for calling attention to the almost non-existent standards required for teacher training under Teach Systems in the Oct. 14 Sunday Gazette-Mail.

* President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden do have a record to run on. They don't want to privatize Social Security, they don't want to give vouchers out for senior citizens and they want to help the middle class. What is the Ryan and Romney plan? They won't even discuss the details and issues until after the election.

* After watching the vice presidential debate, I just wonder why Mitt Romney chose Eddie Munster as his running mate. I'm just curious about that.

* How did the county high schools rank on the Westest?

* My sister worked for 23 years and had her second stroke and cannot go back to work. She signed up for disability in July. What is the big holdup on disability Social Security? Can someone explain this or will it be another job for a lawyer?

* I plead the case for the average American. For the majority of Americans the middle class is disappearing.

* I would like to see everybody vote for Patrick Morrisey for W.Va. attorney general. He is a young man. We need to get rid of Darrell McGraw. He has been around forever - he and his wife. We need new people in there.

* How can a sitting judge deny a lady the right to have an attorney? I thought people have the right to an attorney.

* Please explain how Walt Helmick bottling water makes him a farmer.

* I'm 50 years old and these are clearly the two worst choices for president and governor. We can't win. There is no way to win this time.

* Oddly enough Americans have no resentment against the segment of our society that reaps the most benefits from entitlements - the most prosperous 20 percent. For example, the housing subsidy for the top 20 percent acquired for the mortgage relief loophole is four times the amount spent of public housing for the bottom 20 percent.

* I guess those who attempt to intimidate others still think it will work in the future, but they are wrong. We will stand up toe to toe with them and hold our heads high.  

* The greedy people can afford to feed all of our hungry people. They could feed them and not even notice any loss of money.



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