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Your Vents, Wednesday, Oct. 24

* If the PSC, which is really the corporate service commission, rules that Century Aluminum can pass their electricity cost on to customers, then customers should refuse to pay that portion of their bill. If they can't afford to be in business, then they shouldn't be in business.

* Mitt Romney will not have near the power of Obama. He will have to follow the Constitution and answer to the American people. He will be under a microscope.

* There is a song titled "Jesus is a Rock in a Weary Land" and that is what we are living in today - a weary land.

* I'd like to vent about Nitro's police officers. My neighbors got robbed, but the police wouldn't do anything about it and treated them like the criminals.

* My vote is going to go to Bill Maloney and the reason is that I resent the fact that state workers work on private driveways and roads when they should be repairing public roads. The money the governor sends to the dogs his family has should go to people or public schools or senior citizens.

* Obama gets up to the minute reports on his polling numbers, but he's still waiting for information on what happened in Libya last month. We need a new president.

* Obama chewed up Romney and spit him out in the second debate. Do you still believe the stupid idea that he needs a teleprompter to speak?

* Why are none of the candidates for governor or the legislature talking about the deplorable condition of our highways and telling us what they plan to do to repair and rebuild them?

* Every time there is an election, the Democrats try to scare seniors about Social Security and Medicare. Jay Rockefeller is at it again. It's getting a little old. He is the scary one.

* Obama stepped in what Bush left over, which was a mess. We had two wars. George Bush was about the worst president we ever had and Bill Clinton was the best. Too bad Hillary didn't get it this last time.

* Please get your facts straight. Shelties are actually Shetland sheep dogs. The name is just shortened. They are coated with a long thick coat. There is no such thing as a miniature collie. That is just what some people call them because that is what they look like.

* To save everyone the trouble of staying up late on Nov. 6, here are the election results: Romney will carry West Virginia, but Obama will be re-elected president. And the following people will also be re-elected: Joe Manchin, Nick Rahall, Shelley Moore Capito, Darrell McGraw, Earl Ray Tomblin and and Natalie Tennant.

* Tomblin is good at two things. He put his name on signs and he takes credit for what other politicians do.

* These men should take God with them to work. And they need to treat their fellow employees the way they want to be treated. Don't leave God at the church. Take him with you in your everyday life.

* The right-wing business owners who are trying to tell their employees how to vote are making a huge mistake. Americans will not stand for anyone telling them how to vote or what to say.

* Democrats want a 1 percent tax on every bank transaction. They want Social Security recipients to use direct deposit. Do the math. The new 1.7 percent increase in Social Security checks will be lost in taxes every time the recipient tries to use their money.



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