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Your Vents, Tuesday, Oct. 30

* We need some regulation on the size and placement of all of these political signs. The signs litter and trash up the landscape and most candidates never have theirs picked up. In Alum Creek, there is a large Nancy Guthrie sign that blocks the view of traffic at the intersection of Childress and Alum Creek roads.

* This is the most important election for women since they became eligible to vote. If you vote Republican, and against your own body, you will deserve what you get. Where are all of the wives of these crazy congressmen?

* To all of the politicians and political wannabes, when you call my residence, you automatically lose my vote.

* I think the owner of Fox News Channel should round up all of these Democratic pundits, male and female and herd them out the door. They have thrown Obama down our throats. This is not a communist country and they are going to have to learn that.

* I just saw Clinton's new commercial about creating 22 million jobs when he was in office. Is he talking about the 22 million jobs he sent to other countries?

* Why blame George W. Bush for Sept. 11, 2001, and not blame Barack Obama for Sept. 11, 2012? What is the difference? Is it because of the numbers of people killed on each of those days?

* You say in your editorial about Lilly Ledbetter that the process was just to help the Democratic lawyers, but you didn't express any concern for Lilly Ledbetter. She didn't discover until after the statute of limitations that she was mistreated monetarily. I believe the act was to help women like Lilly Ledbetter.

* I've been undecided until now, but with all of the crazy political ads on television, especially against Manchin and everybody else, I've decided to go ahead and vote for Obama and to vote a straight Democratic ticket.

* Well, I see the price of gasoline is coming down. Oh, I forgot - it is election time.

* My husband and I will be forced to stay on our current Medicare plan if Dave Ramsey and the trustees choose to use their bullish tactics on Humana, which we were considering switching to. Our plan premium has risen again. They are biting off their nose to spite their face.

* I say bull to your editorial about the Lilly Ledbetter Act. It was truly the Republican view that expects women to stay at home or get paid less in the workplace.

* Romney is certainly my choice for president. The thoughts of Obama and Biden sicken me. All Obama did during the debate was to interrupt and call Romney a liar.

* If Romney gets elected, we'll be buying all of our coal from overseas.

* How many trips did Obama make to Toys R Us before he went on his campaign? When was the last time he worked all night long at the White House?

* President Obama is the only presidential candidate who is a born-again Christian. Just ask.

* A recent Rahall ad said he has the support of the UMW, labor unions and large coal companies. These same people supported Obama four years ago. Look what it's gotten us.

* Where did the tea party go? They were asked by the Republican party to lay low and let Mitt Romney flip flop on all of the campaign issues. They were promised that if Romney won, they would get everything they wanted.

* I refuse to vote for anyone who puts their children in their television commercials.

* Thank you, Charleston newspapers, for again choosing WVU over Marshall. Not one day, but two consecutive days, you put WVU's story about their loss as the headline and Marshall's win on the lower part.

* If President Obama is reelected, it will be fascinating to see whom he blames for the economic and foreign affairs mess we're in.

* They need to carefully check Putnam County for voter fraud especially in the Hurricane area. It has gone on here for years yet nobody checks on it.

* I think there should be a law against a hospital like CAMC telling Humana they will not carry them in network unless they drop Thomas and St. Francis.

* Voters, remember how much money Manchin and Tomblin cost the state for the special elections. No thanks, Joe and Earl.

* I would like to know what the Friends of Coal's stance is regarding the Patriot Coal bankruptcy situation.

* Who had a dog in the fight when the chemical industry went overseas during the Bush administration? Look at all of the jobs we lost here in West Virginia.

* Thank you, Daily Mail, for not endorsing Tish Chafin. Thanks also for writing the story about her.

* Guy Smiley is running for president against President Obama. There is nothing behind the big smile but a wishy-washy guy who has nothing to lose.

* Hillary Clinton would make an excellent president because she has been the first lady of Arkansas and of the United States. That gives her a lot of experience. Also, her job as secretary of state has given experience, but she needs to get away from Obama as soon as possible.

* The whole country was falling apart when Bush left office and when he went back to Texas, we had to clean up. If you get Romney in office, they will only take care of their own and the middle class will pay the price for their stupidity.

* Thank you, President Obama, for the stimulus money to open up Gestamp. Let's give credit where credit is due.

* You are evil if you are pro-Obama. Every one of you.

* How many of our elected officials have actually met President Obama?

* I have never been a fan of the View and never will be. The way they treated Ann Romney was quite inflammatory. They treated the Obamas with kid gloves.  

* Romney's problem is he got caught again talking behind closed doors. He told his employees if they didn't vote for him they would be fired. What about all of the jobs sent overseas to China after Bain handled companies?

* Mike Hall tells the truth about John Perdue. Please do not vote for him.


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