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Your Vents, Thursday, Nov. 1

* Lead from behind because President Obama always wants other countries to lead ahead of us going into other countries causing problems. Now the ACLU and the Democratic Party want to send in U.N. watchers to see there is no cheating at the polls during the election.

* If you don't like Romney's vision for America's future, just wait a few days and it will change to what you want to hear. The man will say absolutely anything to win.

* Joe Manchin does a very good job but a vote for Joe is a vote to keep Harry Reid in leadership.

* I would say Mr. Carper has enough experience to run an agency. He can run an office, do taxes and manage people and do contracts. At least he doesn't tell untruths.

* Working for Phyllis Gatson for years hasn't qualified Sallie Robinson for management. Working a job doesn't mean you are managerial material.

* Attorney General Darrell McGraw and his cronies have feasted at the public trough much too long.

* Even if they lose, the Thundering Herd puts forth an effort. That is what a good coach will do for you.

* To the person who said natural gas is what is hurting coal: That is one part of the problem, but not all of it. Obama's EPA has made air standards so strict that an additional 35 to 50 coal-fired plants are closing in the next year.

* They said that Oliver Luck would take us to the next level, but they didn't say which way he would go.

* The person who said Obama had no accomplishments to run on is either biased or stupid. I give you the Affordable Healthcare Act, the death of bin Laden, the rescue of the auto industry, cracking down on Wall Street thieves, we are out of Iraq and Afghanistan is winding down, etc. I could go on and on, but I think you understand.

* There is no way that WVU players can play in the Big 12, so get used to losing. We'll be at the bottom of the pile. We need to get rid of Luck and Holgorsen. I think we should come back to the Big East.

* Coach Holgorsen has embarrassed our football team and fans. I feel so bad for our state since he and Mr. Luck got them in this mess. I think he had better pack his bags and get ready to join Coach Rod.

* During the vice presidential debate, Paul Ryan showed respect to Joe Biden. However, Joe Biden laughed like a hyena during the entire one and a half hours. What a disgrace.

* Your Oct. 29 headline read "Hard road ahead for Herd." Are you kidding? Give Marshall a little credit. It will be like playing high school teams the rest of the season and they will win.

* Just listen to the Republican politicians. They are all against regulation in banks, gas drilling, coal mining or whatever. That is what happened in the Bush years that almost bankrupted the country.

* Hypocrites - the people saying Romney's plans for America are too radical to work while forgetting a few years back they applauded Obama's radical plans. We know Obama's plans won't work. We have little choice but try another path.

* I give Republicans credit for trying even if they don't win. All the time they praise God while they are lying, crooked and sneaky. I'm 72 years old and it is hard for me to believe that God would approve of it.

* Ryan wasn't telling lies. Obama and Biden should be jailed for the laws they've broken. 


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