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Your Vents, Friday, Nov. 2

* The last four years have been nothing but lies, secrets, corruption, gross overspending and giveaways of taxpayers' money. How can anyone in their right mind re-elect this monster for another four years. Vote Romney/Ryan.

* Obama has accomplished many things for the middle class people. He has gone against the banks and the auto industry and Iraq. Romney knows nothing about politics, he just grumbles. He is not intelligent. He is not ready to be president.

* I was wondering if President Obama has visited all 57 states during this campaign, like he said he did in 2008?

* If young voters spent as much time researching issues as they spend trying to find funny things to say about Clint Eastwood's age and mentality, they might be surprised to find out he's right.

* I am glad that there is a disaster preparedness conference in Cross Lanes this Saturday. It is very timely. Hopefully people will check out the Appalachian Prep-Con.

* I can't understand why anyone with an IQ of five or better could think Obama deserves another four years.

* I have lost all respect for Colin Powell. I always thought he was a smart man and I had wished he would run for president. But now, I can see that he is not, nor was he ever, worthy of my precious vote.

* I'm not a fan of either one of the Clintons, but I would love for Hillary to come clean with what she knows about the Benghazi attack. Obama is pointing the finger at her and if she takes the fall to help his re-election, her days in politics are over.

* I cringe just thinking about the lies and coverup and the waste of our embassy personnel.

* I'm livid that Obama refused help for our ambassador and three others who were killed. It's time for him and all the incumbents to be removed from office. He is more concerned about his political future than the lives of these four men.  

* Hypocrites - the people criticizing Romney's wealth while ignoring the wealthy in their own party. They never say a bad word about Jay Rockefeller or John Kerry.

* In response to the caller chiding Republicans to look up "who was president during Black Hawk Down." If you are referring to the movie "Black Hawk Down," which was a dramatization of the Battle of Mogadishu, George W. Bush was president when it was released in 2001. However, Bill Clinton was in office when the events depicted in the movie actually occurred in 1993.

* Robin Davis' television ad claims she has never had a decision overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court. This is probably true since for years she has been arbitrarily refusing to hear any appeal that is a political hot potato. It seems Justice Davis is more interested in politics than justice. By the time the average citizen goes through the state court system, they won't have enough money to go through the U.S. Supreme Court.

* To the person who complained that their sister cannot get Social Security right away: The government requires medical evidence of a disability, they just don't take your word that you or your sister are disabled. You can check with your local office at any time to ask about the status of your claim.

* I wish whoever dropped the pesky insects out of a plane on us people had just half as many as we have. They are a nuisance. I can't prove they were dropped out of a plane, but I'm pretty sure of it.



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