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Your vents for Tuesday, November 6

  • It was so good to see the cartoon about the Afghan  girl Malala on the opinion page. They usually make no sense.

  • I guess WVU found a way to keep idiots from burning couches after wins. They just won't win anymore.
  • It is past time the legislators make laws that hold mothers accountable when they let their boyfriends abuse and kill their children.
  • Never forget the masters of dirty tricks are still around. Watch out, America, for their deceit.
  • I just want to tell Mr. Rockefeller the reason there are so many underprivileged and poor children in this state is because of their lazy parents that they are supporting with food stamps and welfare instead of making them get a job.
  • We have a ladybug problem in West Virginia. The health department needs to spray for them and stink bugs.
  • My mom wrote me a check for $10 on a local bank. I went to cash it at that bank and since I did not have an account there, they were going to charge me $8 to cash a $10 check. What kind of sense is that?
  • To the person who is thanking Dave Casebolt for getting his road paved this year: All of that work was approved last spring while Rusty Casto was mayor and the money was set aside for the paving then.
  • When did it become acceptable to wear pajama pants in public? I'd love to know.
  • With all of the love in my heart, I would like to remind those poor misguided WVU fans that Marshall has indeed beaten Kansas State at their place and when Kansas State came into the game ranked as sixth in the nation. Go Herd.
  • I'm all for stopping cars from passing school buses. However, the only sure way to protect the kids, now and for life, is to teach them to look before they cross. Watch these kids get off the bus. They are so confident in their "protected" state they never even glance up.
  • In my opinion, the two most important and closest allies the U.S. has are Israel and Great Britain. We should continue our aid to them, but not to the rest of the world. Then the money needs to stay here and rebuild the U.S. After all, charity should begin at home.
  • The Bayer plant was there way before you moved into the Institute area, so if you don't like the noise there, you need to move out.
  • WVU defense seeks solutions. It is very simple. All they would have to do is start playing football instead of standing around and watching it go all over the field.
  • Thanks to the EPA of the United States, we have clean air and clean water that can never be replaced if they become ruined by corporations. Don't listen to the people blinded by lies from industries who want "freedom" to pollute with their cheaper business practices.
  • Would waiters and waitresses please address customers as ma'am or mister? I don't like hearing "honey" or "sweetie" or "baby." These terms are very offensive to customers.


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