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Your votes, Thursday, Nov. 8

  • I wonder if the magistrates know that there is a disciplinary board for the state where you can file a complaint against magistrates, lawyers and judges. Some of these magistrates had better take heed of their actions in the courtroom.

  • To the person who said I should watch Fox News occasionally to get the whole picture: I do sometimes tune in to Fox News, but I start laughing and have to tune to serious news channels.
  • How come the socialist and communist kooks keep calling the Vent Line? They have their own paper.
  • They cut all these beautiful hills out and brought the interstates through Charleston, that's what is bringing the heavy storms to West Virginia.
  • To the person who thinks the Fox News channel needs to get rid of the Democratic pundits, male and female, and herd them out the door: That is what a communist country would do - they herd people out who do not follow their line of thought. Whatever happened to fair and balanced?
  • There is a woman living in the Elkview/Clendenin area that goes to elderly people's houses and gets money from them. She has been going to my mother's house and getting money from her. My family has already notified the Sheriff's Department, but other people need to be aware of her.
  • I think there should be a federal law against states providing tax breaks, incentives and other bribes to lure businesses and undermine true market forces that would determine whether a company sets up shop in a particular state or region.
  • To the person who found my debit card on the parking lot of the Little General Store in Winfield: You have my deepest thanks. God bless you.
  • Almighty God poured out His Spirit for men to write the Bible accurately, and in these days, he is doing the same for godly men to interpret it.
  • The sidewalk in front of Rite Aid in St. Albans has been filthy for so many years. They really need to power wash that whole sidewalk.
  • To the Marshall fan who said the Mountaineers need to stay on the porch: They've only had a couple of bad games. You are just mad because Marshall can't beat us.
  • To all the people who complain about coal and gas, well, gas means survival to me. When the storm came, I cooked with gas and I heated with gas. That was a blessing.
  • I sure miss the good old days when gas was under $1 a gallon, there was no violence on television and Interstate 79 was four lanes to Clendenin, but I guess that was a long time ago.
  • I want to thank AEP and the out-of-state volunteers for restoring power to the Sissonville Road area in less than 48 hours. It was quicker than the estimated time. May God bless them for their tireless dedication in a very difficult job.
  • Stephen Coonts has an article in the paper asking, "Why is Manchin still a Democrat?" The answer is that the dumb people in West Virginia wouldn't vote for him if he were a Republican. He pretty much is a Republican but won't get elected here if he doesn't run as a Democrat.
  • When is the Daily Mail going to have an article on what happened in Benghazi? For that matter, when is the editorial board going to comment on it?
  • People are going to stop donating to Goodwill and the Salvation Army because their prices are too high.
  • If there is an increase in jobs right now, it isn't what the president has done - it is due to the Christmas season.
  • People who are upset that Dana Holgorsen is the coach need to remember that he is trying to win with Bill Stewart's recruits.
  • West Virginians should send a "thank you" to politicians for not campaigning here. These visits cost the state a lot of money for extra police, airport traffic has to be halted, and road traffic has to be diverted.


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