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Your vents, Friday, Nov. 9

  • Please remove the ads regarding men's prostate and ED problems from the air. They are so embarrassing and offensive and are on television at least 100 times a day.

  • I was going to vote for Robin Davis, but I changed my mind when I saw Allen Tackett endorsing her. I don't need him to tell me who to vote for. I voted for Tish Chafin instead.
  • I think the NBC concert for the storm victims was really for Obama. Mainstream media should be ashamed.
  • Capito has joined Republican representatives in voting against Obama's jobs bill, health care for children and also she did vote for a tax break for herself and her billionaire and millionaire friends.
  • Utility crews from Huntsville, Ala., were told that they could not do repair work in New Jersey because they are not union. I'd go home and leave them sitting in the dark.
  • If you read the entire jobs report like the conservatives, versus just hearing what the liberal news tells you, you would see that more people lost jobs than there were jobs created. The unemployment numbers actually turned back a notch towards the bad. A news source should report the entire story versus just enough to sway opinions.
  • Mr. Clinton was impeached - he just was not removed from office.
  • Ollie might have a high IQ when it comes to classroom and business, but in real life situations, he doesn't have a clue. He is a lousy judge of people. Dana is a great offensive coordinator but a terrible head coach.
  • Why doesn't www.metro
  • ever work? Eighty percent of the time, it is not updated and almost never updated on the weekends. Over the past week or so, it has not worked at all. This site is supposed to be a public website to assist the residents of Kanawha County to know what areas may be blocked due to accidents, fires, etc.

  • Why does the city of Charleston charge for parking on downtown streets on Saturdays and have meters that only accept money for one hour? I went to a restaurant downtown after the Alzheimers walk and deposited the maximum coins in the meter and still got a $5 ticket. I guess you can't go downtown and spend more than an hour.
  • To all you smart people who are so afraid of losing your mortgage deduction in the income tax code, the interest portion of the mortgage payments that I made since 1980 have never been large enough to get me above the standard deduction allowance. One does not get a tax return equal to the amount that you paid to the lending agency.
  • To the person who is tired of the credit President Clinton gets for the dot com boom: Why does the president get the blame for a bad economy but never gets the credit for a good economy?
  • So Commissioner Hardy thinks I am going to recycle to benefit a Chicago company - no way. It's the same old pattern, the politically well connected sends the wealth out of state while we get a few low-paying jobs. Is there no Democrat with faith and confidence in Kanawha County who will run against this incumbent?


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