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Your vents, Tuesday, Nov. 13

  • Pitiful. People who get their news from make-believe "news" shows on the comedy channel are criticizing those who get news from Fox.

  • In countless debates with liberals, I have discovered many are very misinformed on many issues. In several cases, they admitted it. Instead of trying to gain more information, they chose to stay the course and criticize the conservatives for asking questions and stirring things up.
  • New York Mayor Bloomberg can donate a million dollars to fight coal mining in West Virginia but does not want to build sea walls to protect New York City.
  • Even with man's intellect and mastery of technology, nature can still blow away our creations like a grain of sand. Or squash us like a bug.
  • Nobody said playing in the Big 12 would be easy. And please give Coach Holgorsen a chance to get his own recruits before criticizing their performance.
  • Kerry and Rockefeller's wealth is in American banks - not dodging U.S. taxes like Romney. Please get informed.
  • Rush Limbaugh thought it was awful that Gov. Chris Christie and President Obama could put politics aside to help all of the suffering people in New Jersey. That is what they think. They don't need to help anybody, and the only ones they are obligated to are the rich.
  • Years ago, before my mother got disability, she had to go to three different doctors to be examined before being approved. Now they just go get a lawyer. People still need to be examined.
  • The Affordable Health Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, forces employees to be cut to less than 30 hours a week so employers can avoid having to provide health insurance. The unintended consequences are not a good accomplishment.
  • It appears Mr. Davis was a sore loser. I was never hired by a poor individual. Businesses aren't rich, they are power employers.
  • People who park in the handicapped parking spots at Nitro's veterans flag memorial either cannot read, are friends of the mayor or public works or police. They should be towed and fined the $100 fine. Do something about it, mayor. Veterans need to be able to see their memorial.
  • No power, no cable, yet Suddenlink wants their payment with no grace period. They would prefer to disconnect you. So, they won't be getting my payment.
  • What about Obama's cash for clunkers? All the old cars were destroyed. Now you can't find parts or a decent used car under $20,000. It has hurt people, and car dealerships have just about been put out of business. Why hasn't this been covered in the papers?
  • Why didn't the guy at the South Hills Cafe who said he got a delivery of food and it was going to waste call one of the missions to take it off of his hands?
  • People who lost power in July now should get a credit of $20 per day off of their power bill.
  • The electric linemen do rough work in bad circumstances. We need to quit complaining and thank them.
  • I think Geraldo Rivera has lost it because he thinks Obama should be given the benefit of the doubt on what happened in Benghazi.
  • A biased media and a poorly educated and uninformed electorate is a disaster for any nation, and the U.S. is no exception.
  • If you let your food go bad during the power outage instead of donating it to a soup kitchen or charity, you need to really examine your life.
  • I like being called honey and sweetie in restaurants. It makes me feel more welcome.
  • I'm watching a program about President Bush talking about 9/11 and the Flight 93 that came down in Pennsylvania. I think the military shot that plane out of the air and the passengers didn't do it. I can't say that I blame them. They should have shot all of them down.
  • The United States hunted down and murdered Saddam and Osama so it is all over. It is time to bring the troops home. There is going to be another attack if we don't bring them home. The last time wasn't an attack, but retaliation.
  • Has anyone else noticed when the Soviet Union dissolved and the Berlin Wall went down, the whole world went with it? Put it back up.
  • The U.S. is the No. 2 exporter of oil, but we import oil to produce gasoline. What is wrong with our oil? Isn't cheaper better? Come on, America, and get with it. Let's turn our own oil into gasoline.
  • Mr. Raese can now go back home to Florida. We don't want him.
  • Well, Obama won again. He confounded the Daily Mail and Republicans. West Virginia didn't vote for him. The rest of the country did because people still want Medicaid. And they want abortion to remain legal.
  • The Wall Street Journal had an article saying that China is opening a coal-liquefaction plant in Wyoming. What is up, West Virginia and Kentucky? We have tons of coal here, and we need something to do with it. South Africa has never imported oil. They have used coal liquefaction for generations. Our elected officials should get the stimulus money and get these plants up and running.
  • If Republicans keep picking candidates like Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin, they will never get back into office.
  • Romney should have won because he had a substantial lead in so many states. I think the election was rigged and fraud was committed. You people will pay dearly.
  • America has spoken and has decided not to buy the lies of Fox, Romney and Limbaugh. Not to worry, though, because W.Va. hillbillies are still buying them.
  • The end of American rugged individualism has occurred with the re-election of Obama. We are now officially a country of weak, dependent people.

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