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Your Vents, Monday, Nov. 19

* Electing Walt Helmick to an office as powerful as commissioner of agriculture like these mindless, straight-ticket Democrats did would be like hiring me for head of surgery at CAMC when I hold an accounting degree.

* All these bozos on TV worrying about Obama's second term hurting the coal industry all sport the "Friends of Coal" stickers or signs. That organization is the biggest con ever run on coal miners, as it has helped absolutely no miner, just owners and operators. How gullible can these people get?

* At Stillwater, Okla., and behind by 14, WVU has ball on own 39 with 12 minutes left, fourth quarter. It's fourth down with six yards to go and we go for it. Where is it we go to play for the national championship?

* Why would a business struggling to survive advertise with a news media outlet that supports the political party responsible for their problems?

* There is too much stress in the world caused by too many people in the world. They can't get along with each other.

* It is just plain stupid for anyone to run against Sen. Manchin. He will be just like Sen. Byrd. It is just a forever thing with West Virginians. It is a tradition. The state stinks with tradition.

* A big heartfelt thank you to the person who returned my wallet from the parking lot of the BP on Kanawha Turnpike near Rock Lake Drive. I just rededicated my life to Christ on Oct. 21. God bless them and their entire family.

* Don Surber wrote that the Republicans won in the House of Delegates in the 35th District even though they were outspent. But no one outspent Eric Nelson, Suzette Raines and McCuskey. What is he talking about?

* With the travesty of Obama's re-election, the light of the nation is growing dim. Night is falling with a darkness that will be long and terrible. I'm afraid freedom and liberty will not survive.

* On Sunday, Nov. 11, I was treated to lunch at Bob Evans by a person or persons unknown to me. This show of extravagant generosity was overwhelming. I will endeavor to pass on the blessings.

* I'm tired of a two-door society. I'm sure that there are others because of race, religion and everything else has to use the other door. That would be those cherished middle-class values they cherish so much that the rest of us don't have.

* To the person who doesn't believe in cutting trees back from power companies: You must work for the power company. It worked years ago and it worked fine. I hope your power goes off and never comes back on again.

* This is a shout-out to Miss Nellie Harper in the Sugar Creek area and the nice ladies I worked with at the Loftis Fire Station site. It was nice working with her. She is a true Christian woman, a super nice lady and I really like her. Also thanks to Mr. Lyons who prepared dinner for us on Tuesday.

* It doesn't take much time or effort to throw your trash in a proper receptacle and put your shopping buggy in the corral, and it would make things look so much better. So do it!

* I believe if Mitt and Paul Ryan had been more honest with the American people instead of lying and trying to make a fool of people, they would have done a lot better.

* They are going to start campaigning tomorrow for the next election, or maybe they will wait until January. That is utterly insane.


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